Milkwood Permaculture Open Day

On the 8th of December we attended the annual Milkwood Permaculture open day at their farm near Mudgee, NSW. We’ve been following Milkwood Farm’s exploits on the web for years and had decided to sign up for the Milkwood beekeeping course in November. We were really sad something came up and we had to cancel. […]

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Weekend Interwebbing

We spend a lot of time surfing the web and reading endless articles, searching through online resources and trolling facebook and twitter pages to continually build our knowledge. We share a lot of these articles via our facebook page and twitter feed but I thought I would put them together in a quick post each […]

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The Problem with Self-Sufficiency

Nicola Chatham is a permaculture designer, organic gardener, sustainable gardening coach and contemporary artist. In her regular permaculture and organic gardening blog she raises an interesting point about the problem with becoming self-sufficient and the benefits of building communities through sharing. Read more on “The Truth About Self-Sufficiency” and “What is Permaculture: Part 3”

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Looking for a transitional form of agriculture as we try to wean ourselves off fossil-fuel based farming systems into smaller scaled, localised and sustainable ways of providing for ourselves? Enter, alleycropping — the practice of planting rows of trees (ideally on contour) through fields to create alleys, or corridors, of alternating trees and ground crops. […]

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Rwanda – Forests of Hope

An inspiring story in this video! Many of you will remember the inspiring and encouraging example of earth restoration found in the story of the Loess Plateau in China. John Liu was the man heavily involved in this amazing and very large scale initiative. In this new video you’ll see Mr. Liu turning his eyes […]

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Event – Joel Salatin Workshop

When: 2 August 2011 Where: Jamberoo Valley Lodge – Jamberoo For more information go to: Regenag Website Description: Join ‘the world’s most innovative farmer’ (TIME Magazine) Joel Salatin for a unique one-day workshop looking at how to make your small farm more ethical, profitable, and deeply integrated with your local community. Joel Salatin is a […]

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Book – Permaculture Pioneers

Permaculture is much more than organic gardening… Arguably it is one of Australia’s greatest intellectual exports, having helped people worldwide to design ecologically sustainable strategies for their homes, gardens, farms and communities. This book charts a history of the first three decades of permaculture, through the personal stories of Australian permaculturists. From permaculture co-originator David […]

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Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution – An Interview with Bill Mollison

Source @ Permaculture Research Institute Australia Bill Mollison calls himself a field biologist and itinerant teacher. But it would be more accurate to describe him as an instigator. When he published Permaculture One in 1978, he launched an international land-use movement many regard as subversive, even revolutionary. Permaculture — from permanent and agriculture — is […]

Movie – The Garden at the End of the World

The Garden at the end of the World, “is a film that is both a documentary and a travelogue of a journey through a ruined land. It is stark in its contrasts of the impacts of war with the everyday lives of people trying to create new lives, of ruined city and the bare beauty […]

Costa slams Food Giants

Source @ Sunshine Coast Daily   Mark Furler | 10th July 2011 THE supermarket giants have been accused of playing Russian roulette with Australians’ health with their food production processes. THE supermarket giants have been accused of playing Russian roulette with Australians’ health with their food production processes. Greek TV gardening host Costa Georgiadis opened both […]

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