Monday Link Heaven (on a Tuesday) – 9 October 2012

This week’s links are a juicy selection of topical subjects, sink your teeth into them! Food Security Professor Says Soils Are Suffering as Farmers Try to Produce More Food – This is an important issue that health planners and government needs to understand if it wants to tackle our snow-balling health crisis. We can’t wait […]

Dirty Tricks Deceiving Customers – Problems with Labelling

Even when you are trying your hardest to provide the most ethically sourced, healthy and nutritious food for your family, the dirty tricks and deceitful marketing ploys conducted by large food corporations make it very difficult to buy what you think you’re buying. The US-based, organic food watchdog Cornucopia Institute has released a report ‘Cereal […]

Greenfoodie - Genetic Modification

Mainstream Media Reports on the Dangers of GMO and Weed Resistance

Bloomberg Business Week published an article yesterday on the dangers of GMO and the serious problems of herbicide resistance. It paints a worrying picture about the state of affairs in US agriculture and is something that we should be taking into consideration here in Australia. Read the article here: Attack of the Superweed – New […]

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