Greenfoodie - Genetic Modification

GMO Contamination in Australia

Green Peace has been actively campaigning against genetically modified crops for several years. It is currently lobbying the Western Australian Government to introduce Farmer Protection legislation in response to increasing reports of contamination from genetically modified crops across Australia. Greenpeace is also providing free test kits so farmers can test for GM contamination on their […]

Greenfoodie - Genetic Modification

Seeds of Injustice – Biopiracy by Vananda Shiva

Dr. Vandana Shiva is an inspiring woman. On top of her training as a nuclear physicist, she is an ecologist, activist, editor and author of numerous books and a tireless defender of the environment. She founded Navdanya, a movement for biodiversity conservation and farmers’ rights, she’s received the Sydney Peace Prize and written numerous books, […]

Greenfoodie - Genetic Modification

European Court Rules to Support Beekeepers Over GM Honey Contamination

This is great news for farmers trying to protect their incomes, livelihoods and health from the massive problem of contamination posed by field GM crops. Sourced @ Farming Online “Following a ruling yesterday from the European Courts of Justice, honey made by bees that take pollen from biotech (GM) plants will be outlawed in the […]

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