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Selling Off Australia: Where Food Security Hits the Hotplate

Source @ UNSW School of Business – 01 March 2011 The recent Queensland floods have wiped out crops and sent food prices spiralling, highlighting the formerly overlooked but pressing concerns about food security. Not before time, some say, because climate is not the only contributor to looming food shortages. To date, the federal government has […]

Greenfoodie - Food Security

Concern as foreign buyers secure agricultural land

Source @ – 20 August 2011 – Darren Gray CASHED-UP foreign buyers won approval to buy $650 million of Victorian agricultural, forestry or fishing assets in 2009-10, new figures obtained by The Saturday Age reveal. The massive investment pertained to just four proposed deals. The Foreign Investment Review Board figures show that proposed investments […]

Greenfoodie - Food Security

Should Australia be selling the Farm?

Source @ – 20 August 2011 – Darren Gray and Martin Daly¬† THE Lawless patch at Burramine outside Yarrawonga has been in the family for five generations. It lies among vast tracts of some of the best and most productive farmland in Australia, and since 1880 has fed and nourished 30 children born on […]

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