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Australia’s National Food Plan – Heard about it?

Have you heard about the Australian Government’s proposed National Food Plan? Nope? Neither had we until we read an article in the most recent newsletter from Green Pages stating that Senator Joe Ludwig has extended the deadline for submissions until September 2. Don’t get us wrong, we’re supportive of extending the deadline but we are […]

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Plan for China to invest in agricultural business rather than buy the farm

Source @ -03 Aug 2011 –  Siobhain Ryan CHINESE companies could be encouraged to invest in Australian agricultural businesses instead of buying up farms under a new foreign investment model based on the practice in the mining sector. Trade Minister Craig Emerson proposed the approach yesterday as a way of addressing public concerns over […]

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Shut the gate: why cash-strapped landowners are selling the farm

Source @ SMH – 1 Aug 2011 Australia’s sweeping plains are being overrun by rural raiders from overseas. Leonie Lamont and Paddy Manning explain how the humble back block has become global hot property. It’s not news that legendary global investor Jim Rogers likes agriculture and just about every bushel or belly that springs from […]

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Sustainable food – as greenfoodie as it gets!

This is a great TED talk that explains what is wrong with our food system and how we can draw on the past to fix it. This is our favorite TED talk and embodies everything greenfoodie is about! Chef Dan Barber squares off with a dilemma facing many chefs today: how to keep fish on […]

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