Monday Link Heaven (on a Tuesday) – 9 October 2012

This week’s links are a juicy selection of topical subjects, sink your teeth into them! Food Security Professor Says Soils Are Suffering as Farmers Try to Produce More Food – This is an important issue that health planners and government needs to understand if it wants to tackle our snow-balling health crisis. We can’t wait […]

Monday Link Heaven – 1 October 2012

Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month, we hope you had a fabulous long weekend! This week we focus on food security and genetically modified food. We hope you get impassioned by the challenges and inspired by the potential.   Food Security Food Security In Spotlight – Until we have a […]

Monday Link Heaven – 16 July 2012

Not so many links this week but interesting reading non-the-less. EAT Farmers find recipe for success at markets – Townsville’s first farmers markets had much community interest though teething problems left a few ruffled feathers. LEARN Lethal Pest is a Beekeeper’s Nightmare: A tiny mite could wreak havoc on Australia’s bees – The Sydney Morning […]

Sunday Link Heaven

Better late than never!! Here are the things we’ve been reading this week and there are some interesting ones! Happy reading! Obesity a Threat to Food Security – The Sydney Morning Herald reported this week that “increasing population fatness could have the same implications for world food energy demands as an extra one billion people. […]

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National Farmers Federation – Blueprint for Australian Agriculture

I have just completed a survey that will be used to develop a Blueprint for Australian Agriculture by key industry stake holders. If you care about what you eat and how it is produced, have your say and fill in the survey! This is what the website says: “The Blueprint for Australian Agriculture aims to […]

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UN Report: A quarter of world’s farmlands highly degraded

Source @ – AP – 28 Nov 2011 The United Nations has completed the first-ever global assessment of the state of the planet’s land resources, finding in a report today that a quarter of all farmland is highly degraded and warning the trend must be reversed if the world’s growing population is to be […]

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Food or fuel: how will governments solve the coal seam gas dilemma?

Source @ TheConversation – 16 August 2011 – Tina Hunter, Bond University Food security and energy security are paramount to the survival and growth of Australia. Food security so that we may feed ourselves (and a hungry world), and energy security for transport, heating, lighting and various other activities that we enjoy at present. What […]

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Selling Off Australia: Where Food Security Hits the Hotplate

Source @ UNSW School of Business – 01 March 2011 The recent Queensland floods have wiped out crops and sent food prices spiralling, highlighting the formerly overlooked but pressing concerns about food security. Not before time, some say, because climate is not the only contributor to looming food shortages. To date, the federal government has […]

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GM seeds germinate at spill site

Source @ ABC News online – 16 August 2011 – By Rebecca Dollery A farmer near the site of a spill of genetically modified (GM) canola in the Great Southern in Western Australia says the seeds are now germinating. Last week, a truck carrying more than 15 tonnes of GM canola caught fire on the […]

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Concern as foreign buyers secure agricultural land

Source @ – 20 August 2011 – Darren Gray CASHED-UP foreign buyers won approval to buy $650 million of Victorian agricultural, forestry or fishing assets in 2009-10, new figures obtained by The Saturday Age reveal. The massive investment pertained to just four proposed deals. The Foreign Investment Review Board figures show that proposed investments […]

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