Monday Link Heaven – 13 August 2012

Welcome to another jam packed Monday link heaven. We have another lovely bunch of interesting articles for you fabulous Green Foodies… bon appetite! EAT Are Diet Sodas Making Us Fat? – If you are still drinking soft drinks, especially diet sodas, please read this article. Not only are diet sodas making our society fat but […]

Greenfoodie - Food Security

What Happened to Our Food? – TEDxAustin Talk by Robyn O’Brien

This TED talk is presented by a mother who did not think about the food she was eating and serving to her family until her child had a dangerous allergic reaction to a ‘typical’ breakfast. It is a very scary example of how broken the food system is in the US and what it is […]

Greenfoodie - Environment

The Food Movement: Its Power and Possibilities

Sourced at The Nation by Frances Moore Lappé For years I’ve been asked, “Since you wrote Diet for a Small Planet in 1971, have things gotten better or worse?” Hoping I don’t sound glib, my response is always the same: “Both.” As food growers, sellers and eaters, we’re moving in two directions at once. The […]

Movie – The Garden at the End of the World

The Garden at the end of the World, “is a film that is both a documentary and a travelogue of a journey through a ruined land. It is stark in its contrasts of the impacts of war with the everyday lives of people trying to create new lives, of ruined city and the bare beauty […]

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