Greenfoodie - DH - Coffee Beans

 Sustainable coffee, sustainable dollars, sustainable lives – Rebecca Scott @ TEDxCanberra

Check out this great video from TEDxCanberra. Rebecca Scott talks about where the dol­lars go when we buy our daily cup of cof­fee, and how think­ing and act­ing in a more sus­tain­able way can make a mea­sur­able dif­fer­ence all the way from the farmer to the barista — espe­cially when that barista used to be a home­less youth. […]

Greenfoodie - DH - Coffee Beans

Wagonga Coffee, Canberra

I’ve bought my beans from Wagonga Coffee over the last few weeks and am really impressed with their beans. They have a huge range of Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic Coffees so they get the GreenFoodie tick! Their coffee and beans are available from a number of outlets, including the Capital Region Farmers Market and […]

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