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Biota Dining, Bowral

We recently had a weekend away in the NSW Southern Highlands. Amongst many great foodie delights, the stand out was Biota Dining and we’ll tell you about the rest in the coming weeks. We stumbled across Biota while driving around Bowral looking for somewhere to have dinner. To our surprise, what we found within was […]

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia

Cooking is an important life skill which everyone should learn. With the right sort of information and teaching, anyone can learn how to cook. Jamie’s Ministry of Food is nothing less than a food revolution. The initiative has the potential to radically improve population health and social welfare of communities across Australia. It empowers people […]

Mondo Organics, Brisbane

I first went to Mondo back in 2000 when it had just opened. It was great then and maintains its reputation today, it’s a must if you are in Brisbane. “Mondo is elegant organic dining at its best. Mondo restaurant, catering and cooking school was inspired by a concern about the increasing use of chemical […]

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