Event – Global climate change and the role of agriculture as both cause and cure

When: 13 July 3:30pm What: Presented by Allan Savory Founder of Holistic Managementâ„¢, President and Co-Founder of The Savory Institute and the Africa Centre for Holistic Management Take this opportunity to connect with Allan Savory in Canberra. As well as his ground-breaking work on reversing global biodiversity loss and desertification, Allan was one of the […]

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Keeping Cattle: Cause or Cure for Climate Crisis?

This is a VERY important lecture that all Australians should watch, delivered by world famous livestock expert Allan Savory from the Savory Institute. The grazing industry has been vilified for many years and accused as the cause of desertification and climate change due to ‘overgrazing’ delicate environments. However, livestock grazing at factors of sometimes 400% […]

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