A Greenfoodie’s Garden Journal – Summer’s First Harvest

After a couple of tropical days last week, Spring was farewelled by massive thunder and lighting storms, a spectacular end to a flower-filled season. After the blossoms had fallen, the trees set about growing their summer coats of green (or red in the case of the ornamental plum which is so common in Canberra and […]

Greenfoodie - Grow

A Subversive Plot: How to Grow a Revolution in Your Own Backyard

This is a another great TEDx talk about the subversive power of growing your own food and the revolution that is happening in backyards across the urban world… enjoy!

Greenfoodie - Grow

Food Forests – Design modern solutions from ancient traditions

Source @ Natural News.com – by: Isaac Harkness The human practice of growing food from and amongst the trees goes back millennia. There are examples of food forests, or forest gardens, in Vietnam and Morocco stretching back hundreds and thousands of years respectively. Much of the east coast of North America was managed this way […]

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