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Are religious/ritual methods of slaughter more humane?

Is religious or ritual slaughter such as halal or kosher more humane than modern Western methods of slaughter? These two articles explore this topic and make some compelling arguments. If you are vegetarian or vegan these arguments may be moot but for those of who do eat meat but are also concerned about animal welfare, […]

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Whether it is humane or not, killing is at the dark heart of the meat industry

Source @ The Age By Andrew Cox, July 14, 2011 Footage from Indonesian abattoirs brought home our disconnect with what we eat. THE federal government timed the resumption of the live cattle trade perfectly. Images that shocked Australians a month ago are now sufficiently remote as to be once more ignored. Time is a more […]

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Appeal from a NT cattle station

An interesting article from a Northern Territory grazier affected by the live export ban to Indonesia. Source @ The Northern Rivers Echo: Appeal from a NT cattle station 23rd June 2011 Like many Australians, we have been deeply upset about the cruelty inflicted on animals in some abattoirs. However, we feel there are many issues […]

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