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Milkwood Permaculture Open Day

On the 8th of December we attended the annual Milkwood Permaculture open day at their farm near Mudgee, NSW. We’ve been following Milkwood Farm’s exploits on the web for years and had decided to sign up for the Milkwood beekeeping course in November. We were really sad something came up and we had to cancel. […]

Roogulli Open Garden

We were lucky enough to visit Roogulli, in Bywong, during their open day for the open gardens Australia program. Roogulli is an amazing property being restored using permaculture principles and emphasizing sustainability. It was great to see all the principles we are learning about and trying to achieve in our little garden on a large […]

Food – The Art of Health

Last Saturday David and I went on a ‘date’ without our baby William for the first time in almost a year. Actually, it was better than a date! It was a fantastic dinner and panel discussion hosted by the Mulloon Institute at Mulloon Creek Farm on ‘Food – the Art of Health.’ The inspiring and […]

Monday Link Heaven (on a Tuesday) – 9 October 2012

This week’s links are a juicy selection of topical subjects, sink your teeth into them! Food Security Professor Says Soils Are Suffering as Farmers Try to Produce More Food – This is an important issue that health planners and government needs to understand if it wants to tackle our snow-balling health crisis. We can’t wait […]

The Great Green Debate – ANU

On Wednesday the 3rd October I was pleased to attend the Sustainability Learning Community‘s annual ‘Great Green Debate’ at the Australian National University. This year’s topic was a contentious one. Distinguished panel guests were invited to address the topic, ‘Should Coal Seam Gas play a larger role in Australia’s energy future?’ Did you like this? […]

Monday Link Heaven – 1 October 2012

Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month, we hope you had a fabulous long weekend! This week we focus on food security and genetically modified food. We hope you get impassioned by the challenges and inspired by the potential.   Food Security Food Security In Spotlight – Until we have a […]

Monday Link Heaven – 24 September 2012

Welcome to another Monday Link Heaven. There’s some great food for thought so enjoy. SBS Harvest: Bentley Community Garden – This is the first in a series of short documentaries by SBS Harvest, showing how a community garden can bring people together. From the notorious Perth “suicide towers” public housing estate, comes a new beginning […]

Monday Link Heaven – 17 September 2012

Here we go, as promised, Monday Link Heaven on a Monday! Enjoy! Food, Health and Human Evolution What Can We Learn From the Diets of Traditional Peoples From Around the World? – Heard of Weston A Price or Pottenger’s Cats? Take a look and this video about the fascinating work of these two researchers and […]

Monday Link Heaven – 10 September 2012

Ummm, here are Monday’s links. Just a tad late. Still, there are some interesting articles so enjoy your Monday link heaven, on well, Saturday evening or even better, Sunday morning. Don’t worry though, next Monday’s Link Heaven will be on Monday, all things going well! Food and Human Evolution How Honey Made Us Human – […]

The People’s Food Plan

The government’s National Food Plan (NPN) green paper has been released and is currently undergoing public consultation. The plan is disappointing in its focus on food as a commodity, agro-industrial vested interests, increased support for genetic modification technology and lack of serious consideration for environmental, health and security concerns. In response, the Australian Food Sovereignty […]

Monday Link Heaven – 3 September 2012

What a fabulous start to Spring! We hope you’ve been enjoying the warmer weather, sun and blossoms. Without further ado… here are this week’s links. Diet and Health Breast Milk Promotes a Different Gut Flora Growth than Infant Formula – Breast milk is so important for babies. I wonder if we will see a return […]

Monday Link Heaven – 20 August 2012

Another week passes and despite the freezing weather we can feel Spring just around the corner. Bring on the warmer weather! Here are this week’s links for your enjoyment. AUSTRALIAN FOOD SECURITY Country Women’s Association Campaigns for Aussie Food – Help the CWA in their campaign to support Aussie farmers and food producers Coles is […]

Monday Link Heaven – 13 August 2012

Welcome to another jam packed Monday link heaven. We have another lovely bunch of interesting articles for you fabulous Green Foodies… bon appetite! EAT Are Diet Sodas Making Us Fat? – If you are still drinking soft drinks, especially diet sodas, please read this article. Not only are diet sodas making our society fat but […]

Monday Link Heaven

Another Monday rolls around and we have a pile of interesting articles to read. Enjoy! EAT We are just starting to get our heads around adding organ meats to our diets, actually eating heart, liver, kidneys etc. We want to overcome our distaste because we want to reduce wastage and improve our nutrition. We thought […]

Monday Link Heaven – 23 July 2012

Another Monday rolls around and we have more interesting articles for your reading pleasure… enjoy! EAT 4 Food Groups All Kids Should Eat – William has had bucket-loads of saturated fats and fermented stuff since he could first eat solids (mainly avocado and natural yoghurt). We’ve only just started to introduce bone broth into our […]

Monday Link Heaven – 16 July 2012

Not so many links this week but interesting reading non-the-less. EAT Farmers find recipe for success at markets – Townsville’s first farmers markets had much community interest though teething problems left a few ruffled feathers. LEARN Lethal Pest is a Beekeeper’s Nightmare: A tiny mite could wreak havoc on Australia’s bees – The Sydney Morning […]

Monday Link Heaven – 9 July 2012

Welcome to another Monday Link Heaven and we’re serving up some more interesting articles… enjoy! EAT Cod Liver Oil: The Number One Superfood – I have been researching nutrition and food again to figure out what I am missing in my diet to account for the dry skin, acne, and the last little bit of […]

Monday Link Heaven

Ok, so the Sunday link post has now become Monday’s weekly link update. Whatever the day it makes for some interesting reading. EAT 20 more reasons to have more honey in your life, need we say more? Can Red Meat Be Part of a Healthful Diet? This is an excellent article by Dr. Mercola on […]

Forest Gardening – Another Fantastic Workshop by the Mulloon Institute

This post is a little late but we are happy to share our latest wonderful experience at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms. Last weekend fortnight we enjoyed two fantastic days learning about forest gardening from expert Dan Harris-Pascal of Seed Head Designs. Our motley group of 10 attendees were graciously hosted by Sue and Danny O’Brien […]

Sunday Link Heaven

Better late than never!! Here are the things we’ve been reading this week and there are some interesting ones! Happy reading! Obesity a Threat to Food Security – The Sydney Morning Herald reported this week that “increasing population fatness could have the same implications for world food energy demands as an extra one billion people. […]

Weekly Links

We spend a lot of time surfing the web and reading endless articles, searching through online resources and trolling facebook and twitter pages to continually build our knowledge. We share a lot of these articles via our facebook page and twitter feed but I thought I would put them together in a quick post each […]

How much plastic do you eat?

Created by: MastersDegree.net Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog RSS feed. No related posts.

Weekend Interwebbing

We spend a lot of time surfing the web and reading endless articles, searching through online resources and trolling facebook and twitter pages to continually build our knowledge. We share a lot of these articles via our facebook page and twitter feed but I thought I would put them together in a quick post each […]

Don’t Let the Australian Egg Corporation Manipulate the ‘Free Range’ Label

This has been an interesting month for the battery hen campaign. After some hard campaigning by animal welfare organisations, Tasmania has become the first Australian State to commit to completely phasing out banning battery cages. Unfortunately, the Australian Egg Corporation (AEC) is trying to claw back control through a blatant ploy to manipulate the ‘free […]

Peak Everything and Why We’re Trying to Live Sustainably

The video below offers an easy to understand and entertaining explanation of the swiftly approaching low energy future. It highlights how our current civilisations are based on a model of perpetual growth, exploding populations, and a reliance on petrochemicals, industry and industrial agriculture. This reliance on exponential growth has worked for us in the past […]

Michael Ableman – The Future of Food

David, William and I spent a lovely day at Mulloon Creek Farm on Sunday 15 April to hear a presentation about ‘the future of food’ from Michael Ableman, Canadian farmer, author and photographer. The day was perfect, nature gracing us with warm sun, cool breezes and deep blue skies, a fabulous day to be entertained […]

Lunch with Jackie French – A Greenfoodie’s Eating Adventures

What a fabulous weekend! David is back home after four months overseas and we spent a lovely Sunday lunch in GreenFoodie heaven! The Kitchen Cabinet at Old Parliament House in Canberra runs monthly Sunday lunches to celebrate local produce and producers. This Sunday we enjoyed the company of author and organic gardener Jackie French who […]

National Farmers Federation – Blueprint for Australian Agriculture

I have just completed a survey that will be used to develop a Blueprint for Australian Agriculture by key industry stake holders. If you care about what you eat and how it is produced, have your say and fill in the survey! This is what the website says: “The Blueprint for Australian Agriculture aims to […]

Earthships: An Evening with Michael Reynolds – GreenFoodie News and Reviews

Last night I had the great privilege of attending a presentation by Michael Reynolds, renegade architect or biotecture specialist as he calls himself, star of the movie the ‘Garbage Warrior‘ and creator of radically sustainable houses known as ‘Earthships.’ Michael was engaging, passionate, down-to-earth and so inspirational. Although I knew a bit about the man […]

Nicole Foss: Preparing for Economic Depression – GreenFoodie News and Reviews

Last Sunday, 12 February 2012, I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by Canadian finance and energy expert Nicole Foss at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms. The event was sponsored by the Mulloon Institute, Regional Development Australia (Southern Inland), the NSW Catchment Management Authority (Southern Rivers) and Bendigo Bank. Catering was managed by Ginger Catering […]

Raw Milk, Kefir and the Dangers of Processed Food – A GreenFoodie’s Eating Adventures

It’s been almost 2 months since I first started my eating adventures on a ‘Primal’ diet. I have successfully cut out all processed food, grain, carbs and sugars (with the occasional lapse) and replaced these with increased fats and varied proteins (from nuts, fish, and ‘clean’ meats) and stevia for when my sweet tooth strikes. […]

Opposition to Coal Seam Gas Mining is Increasing

Opposition to coal, mineral and coal seam gas (CSG) mining is stepping up in NSW as it increasingly threatens Australia’s food security. Over half of NSW, including its most productive food growing regions, is covered by titles for coal, mineral or CSG exploration or production. This week the Sydney Food Fairness Alliance held a forum […]

Fabulous 2012 Events in Canberra

2012 looks like a fantastic year for all GreenFoodies in Canberra. Here’s a ‘taste’ of the events that I know of. I will try to get to as many as I can and I’ll let you know what they were like. If you know of any other greenfoodie events in Canberra and the Capital Region […]

Holistic Management and Decision Making Course – Cooma

I am happy to announce another TAFE course in Holistic Management and Decision Making that is being run in Cooma by George Gundry, Accredited Consultant and Educator for the Savory Institute’s Holistic Management™. The course involves 8 x 2 day modules in Cooma beginning the first week of February. It will cover all aspects of […]

New Foodie Website – Local Harvest

The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported on a new website, Local Harvest, set to launch next month which will connect sustainable producers with consumers in their area. Consumers will be able to find and buy their food from food co-ops, swap meets, community gardens, farmers’ markets, free-range producers, box systems and organic retailers. Read more: […]

Holistic Management and Decision Making Course

I am happy to announce that Paul Griffiths, Accredited Consultant and Educator for the Savory Institute’s Holistic Management™ is offering his course in Holistic Management and Decision Making for 2012. Comments from last year’s course: D’ya know? If I had done this Holistic Management Planning before, I would have saved myself months and months of […]

TED Talk – The Secrets of Longevity

To find the path to long life and health, Dan Buettner and team study the world’s “Blue Zones,” communities whose elders live with vim and vigor to record-setting age. At TEDxTC, he shares the 9 common diet and lifestyle habits that keep them spry past age 100. Did you like this? If so, please bookmark […]

A Greenfoodie’s Journal – Mulloon Creek Natural Farm Tour

This Sunday past I was lucky enough to be invited on a tour of Mulloon Creek Natural Farm just outside of Bungendore. The farm is a profitable grazing, cropping and ecosystems services enterprise that uses biodynamic and other restorative agricultural systems to produce high quality and nutritious food while regenerating the environment. The tour was […]

American Farmers March on Wall Street

The Huffington Post reports on American farmers marching on Wall Street this week, joining the Occupy activists in civil action against government and business collusion. This report outlines the reasons for farmers’ anger at government policies and business activities that have threatened American food security and disenfranchised American farmers. It includes video clips of farmers […]

Ethical Eating – Is a Vegetarian Diet Worse for the Environment and Animal Welfare?

This is  an interesting article that explores the ethical implications for animal welfare and environmental impacts of a vegetarian lifestyle. What do you think? Ordering the vegetarian meal? There’s more animal blood on your hands The ethics of eating red meat have been grilled recently by critics who question its consequences for environmental health and animal […]

Paleolithic Diet Reverses MS and Other Neurological Diseases

The importance of a good diet cannot be overstated. Not only will it maintain and improve health it can also reverse many kinds of disease. Listen to Dr Terry Wahls at a TEDx in Iowa, describe how she reversed her debilitating multiple sclerosis through changing her diet. Food for thought (and for life)!   Dr. […]

Living Simply, Living Well – An example from Thailand

Meet John Jandai, a Thai farmer and educator who has set up and runs Pun pun, a small organic farm, seed saving center, and sustainable living and learning center inspired by his experience and knowledge. Watch John’s inspirational talk about his journey towards a life of happiness, simplicity and fun. Pun pun strives to find […]

Organics Can Feed the World Where Agro-Industry has Failed

Agro-industrial farming has failed to provide food security for many in the developing or even the developed world. It has led to land degradation, increased debt burdens and environmental catastrophe from its reliance on petro-chemicals and unsustainable practices. I find it ironic that this model is being touted as the epitome of food production when […]

Liquid Gold! How Our Urine Can Help Save the Planet, Reduce Poverty and Feed the World

As a registered nurse the topic of poo and pee is never far from my mind. Generally speaking I’m more interested in how much, what it looks like and whether it smells ‘normal.’ Even as a child I was curious about effluent, listening with interest as our tour guide explained the ins and outs of […]

Another reason to oppose GM crops as farmer suicide rates soar in India

Sourced @ PRI Australia The record suicide rate among farmers in India continues to rise, with one farmer now committing suicide every 30 minutes. Many media reports blame failed GM Bt cotton crops for the crisis. More than a quarter of a million farmers have killed themselves in the last 16 years in what is […]

Food Sovereignty and the International Farmer’s Movement ‘La Via Campesina’

The issue of food sovereignty is one that affects all of us from every corner of the globe. Watch this short video and be inspired by the international peasant’s movement ‘La Via Campesina‘ and join the global struggle for food sovereignty… Viva La Via Campesina!! La Via Campesina in Movement… Food Sovereignty now! from La […]

A Subversive Plot: How to Grow a Revolution in Your Own Backyard

This is a another great TEDx talk about the subversive power of growing your own food and the revolution that is happening in backyards across the urban world… enjoy! Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog RSS feed. Related posts: Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution – An […]

Seeds of Freedom: A documentary on the power and politics of seeds

Seeds of Freedom – Trailer from The ABN and The Gaia Foundation on Vimeo. Global agriculture has changed more in the past 50 years than in the previous 10,000. Nowhere is this conflict more poignant than in the story of seed. This is the trailer for the film Seeds of Freedom, to be launched in […]

The Problem with Self-Sufficiency

Nicola Chatham is a permaculture designer, organic gardener, sustainable gardening coach and contemporary artist. In her regular permaculture and organic gardening blog she raises an interesting point about the problem with becoming self-sufficient and the benefits of building communities through sharing. Read more on “The Truth About Self-Sufficiency” and “What is Permaculture: Part 3” Did […]

GMO Contamination in Australia

Green Peace has been actively campaigning against genetically modified crops for several years. It is currently lobbying the Western Australian Government to introduce Farmer Protection legislation in response to increasing reports of contamination from genetically modified crops across Australia. Greenpeace is also providing free test kits so farmers can test for GM contamination on their […]

UN Report: A quarter of world’s farmlands highly degraded

Source @ SMH.com.au – AP – 28 Nov 2011 The United Nations has completed the first-ever global assessment of the state of the planet’s land resources, finding in a report today that a quarter of all farmland is highly degraded and warning the trend must be reversed if the world’s growing population is to be […]

R&D-I-Y – A veggie garden for your apartment

Check out this great idea from R&D-I-Y’s Ted talk. R&D-I-Y is  a movement of people collaborating to produce and share hydroponic veggie gardens for apartments. Do you live in an apartment or or a cold, unfriendly growing environment? Check this out and learn how to build your own. You can find out more at the […]

 Sustainable coffee, sustainable dollars, sustainable lives – Rebecca Scott @ TEDxCanberra

Check out this great video from TEDxCanberra. Rebecca Scott talks about where the dol­lars go when we buy our daily cup of cof­fee, and how think­ing and act­ing in a more sus­tain­able way can make a mea­sur­able dif­fer­ence all the way from the farmer to the barista — espe­cially when that barista used to be a home­less youth. […]

October Unprocessed – Five foods you should avoid

October Unprocessed is a great initiative challenging people to do exactly that, go a month without eating processed foods. For those of you that are not doing it you should at least check out their website and follow the journey on Facebook as there is lots of great recipe ideas and some excellent information about […]

Dirty Tricks Deceiving Customers – Problems with Labelling

Even when you are trying your hardest to provide the most ethically sourced, healthy and nutritious food for your family, the dirty tricks and deceitful marketing ploys conducted by large food corporations make it very difficult to buy what you think you’re buying. The US-based, organic food watchdog Cornucopia Institute has released a report ‘Cereal […]

Wagonga Coffee, Canberra

I’ve bought my beans from Wagonga Coffee over the last few weeks and am really impressed with their beans. They have a huge range of Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic Coffees so they get the GreenFoodie tick! Their coffee and beans are available from a number of outlets, including the Capital Region Farmers Market and […]

Little Organics – Your one stop shop for organic baby foods and products!

We love this store! Little Organics is exactly that, they stock a great range of organic, chemical free, GMO free and sustainable baby and children’s products. And they’re Australian! Here’s what they offer; there are no MINIMUM quantity on any product enjoy 5% off RRP enjoy convenience with free delivery for purchases above $80 using Australia […]

Australian War Memorial Releases Booklet of Recipes from Australia’s Wartime Kitchen

To mark the Victory Garden at Floriade (which ends 16 October), the Australian War Memorial has produced a colourful 47 page booklet called  Australia’s Wartime Kitchen: a collection of recipes from the Australia War Memorial’s Research Centre. This booklet has Second World War recipes from your grandmother’s era, many of which feature home-grown vegetables. You […]

Reversing Desertification in Semi Arid and Arid Areas – Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration

The Permaculture Research Institute (PRI) recently held the highly successful 10th International Permaculture Conference in Jordan. PRI Australia filmed the Conference have generously provided the videos for free on their website PRI Australia. One extremely interesting presentation by Tony Rinaudo shows a simple and highly successful method to reverse desertification in semi arid and arid […]

Saying NO to GMOs, Biopiracy and Seed Patenting – Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva is one of GreenFoodie’s heroes for her tireless work against genetic modification, biopiracy and patenting of seed. Watch the documentary below to see what she is up against, why she is fighting so hard and why we should all be concerned.   Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, […]

Cows Conserving Carbon

This is a great story reported yesterday by The Land about the benefits of holistically managed livestock for the health of our grasslands, increased meat production and carbon conservation. Thanks to David Ward of Holistic Results for the story. “WHEN it comes to climate change, livestock animals have become confused with human management of livestock, […]

What Happened to Our Food? – TEDxAustin Talk by Robyn O’Brien

This TED talk is presented by a mother who did not think about the food she was eating and serving to her family until her child had a dangerous allergic reaction to a ‘typical’ breakfast. It is a very scary example of how broken the food system is in the US and what it is […]

Nourishing Australia Seminars – Food and Health the Way Evolution Intended

Nourishing Australia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to informing, educating and inspiring people about the critical importance of nourishing our soils, plants, animals, people, communities and ultimately, our planet. Nourishing Australia is running exciting full-day seminars on ‘Food and Health the Way Evolution Intended’ in Sydney, Armidale and the Gold Coast. Guests speakers include Nora […]

The Ugly Truth About Bottled Water

Have you ever thought of the consequences of buying a bottle of water? The short 8 minute video below explains in an easy to follow way, the ugly truth in every bottle of water.   ‘Tapped – The Movie’ provides a much more in-depth and stark expose about the role of the bottled water industry […]

Complaint lodged against phoney Coal Seam Gas advertising campaign

Sourced from Green Pages Australia Arguments that coal seam gas mining can’t co-exist with agriculture and that it represents a grave threat to the future of rural Australia are at the heart of a complaint lodged today by Lock The Gate. The Alliance has lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Bureau against the coal […]

Victory Gardens at Floriade and the Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial is currently displaying an example of Second World War Victory Gardens at Floriade and hosting public talks at Floriade and the Memorial on ‘The Australian Women’s Land Army,’ ‘Digging for Victory,’ ‘Wartime Kitchens and Gardening,’ ‘Wartime food production and farming,’ ‘Food rationing in Australia during the Second World War.’ So what […]

Follow the Frog video – Rainforest Alliance

This would have to be one of the best ads i’ve ever seen! Well done rainforest alliance! Check it out and follow the frog! Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog RSS feed. Related posts: Why Rainforest Alliance Coffee is better Rainforest Alliance View from Above […]

That Aint Free Range – from the Gourmet Farmer

Source @ SBS Food – 20 September 2011 – By Matthew Evans Look at this. Proper, free-range chickens. Chickens that are free to not only walk a step or two, but to peck at grass, to scratch in the dirt, to forage for bugs. Perhaps that’s why the yolks of my eggs are strikingly deep […]

That Aint Free Range – from the Gourmet Farmer

Source @ SBS Food – 20 September 2011 – By Matthew Evans Look at this. Proper, free-range chickens. Chickens that are free to not only walk a step or two, but to peck at grass, to scratch in the dirt, to forage for bugs. Perhaps that’s why the yolks of my eggs are strikingly deep […]

Ethical Consumer Guide

The ethical consumer group produce the Ethical Consumer Guide, which is resource that allows you to compare how ethical the brands in your supermarket are and help you make better decisions about what you buy. The guide contains over 2800 supermarket products and will help you determine; What are the issues that reflect the true […]

Costa’s passion for food @ TEDxDubbo

TEDxDubbo was held on 19th of August 2011 and was themed FACETS – Food, Agriculture, Climate, Energy, Topsoil and Sustainability. Check out what Costa had to say. To see the rest of the videos head to the TEDxDubbo website. Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog […]

Gasland – Australia

Visit the Gasland Australia website for information about Gasland (the movie) and links to current media stories about the issues surrounding coals seam gas mining and fracking. Part vérité travelogue, part exposé, part mystery, part showdown, GasLand is a compelling and emotional first-person story of discovery and, ultimately, empowerment. In September 2006, theatre director and part-time […]

What the Frack – SBS Dateline Story on Fracking

Continuing on from yesterday’s post about coal seam gas mining and fracking, here’s a link to a recent SBS Dateline story on fracking. Click here to watch Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog RSS feed. Related posts: Coal Seam Gas Mining – The Ugly Truth

The Food Movement: Its Power and Possibilities

Sourced at The Nation by Frances Moore Lappé For years I’ve been asked, “Since you wrote Diet for a Small Planet in 1971, have things gotten better or worse?” Hoping I don’t sound glib, my response is always the same: “Both.” As food growers, sellers and eaters, we’re moving in two directions at once. The […]

Coal Seam Gas Mining – The Ugly Truth

Everyone at GreenFoodie has been concerned about Coal Seam Gas Mining (CSGM) for a while now. We’ve compiled a couple of videos below to highlight the dangers and inequities of this industry both in Australia and overseas. Genevieve has written to her Member for Parliament about this issue and we are calling on all GreenFoodies […]

Which Potato Would You Rather Eat?

This is a cute little video by a young girl who shows how badly deficient in live nutrients our ‘supermarket’ vegetables are. Food for thought… which potato would you rather eat? Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog RSS feed. No related posts.

Sydney Sustainable Markets

Sydney Sustainable Markets are held every Saturday between 8am and 1pm at Taylor Square in Darlinghurst (cnr of Oxford and Bourke streets). The market provides great produce and has excellent sustainable values; To create a genuine Farmers Market which adheres to the Australian Farmers Market Association Charter To celebrate the values of Slow Food – […]

They Draw and Cook

This is a great little initiative, especially if you are cooking with your kids – the name says it all really, and they produce some great illustrated recipes. Check it out and see for yourself! They Draw and Cook Website Link Berry Applesauce by Elise Smorczewski Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, […]

Seeds of Injustice – Biopiracy by Vananda Shiva

Dr. Vandana Shiva is an inspiring woman. On top of her training as a nuclear physicist, she is an ecologist, activist, editor and author of numerous books and a tireless defender of the environment. She founded Navdanya, a movement for biodiversity conservation and farmers’ rights, she’s received the Sydney Peace Prize and written numerous books, […]

European Court Rules to Support Beekeepers Over GM Honey Contamination

This is great news for farmers trying to protect their incomes, livelihoods and health from the massive problem of contamination posed by field GM crops. Sourced @ Farming Online “Following a ruling yesterday from the European Courts of Justice, honey made by bees that take pollen from biotech (GM) plants will be outlawed in the […]

Are religious/ritual methods of slaughter more humane?

Is religious or ritual slaughter such as halal or kosher more humane than modern Western methods of slaughter? These two articles explore this topic and make some compelling arguments. If you are vegetarian or vegan these arguments may be moot but for those of who do eat meat but are also concerned about animal welfare, […]

Gas ads must take real people seriously

“On ABC TV’s The Gruen Transfer, one of the most popular segments is ”The Pitch”, where rival ad agencies go head to head on a controversial subject. Although it’s a joke, the campaigns often manage to strike at the heart of the issues. This week, two very different outfits decided to give it a go […]

Mainstream Media Reports on the Dangers of GMO and Weed Resistance

Bloomberg Business Week published an article yesterday on the dangers of GMO and the serious problems of herbicide resistance. It paints a worrying picture about the state of affairs in US agriculture and is something that we should be taking into consideration here in Australia. Read the article here: Attack of the Superweed – New […]

Stop Coal Seam Gas Mining!

Farmers all around Australia as well as urban communities are being threatened by the rapid and aggressive expansion of the coal seam gas mining industry. The Lock the Gate Alliance explains how bad this industry is for the environment, farming and health: Exploration and production licences cover most of NSW and Queensland. You will discover […]

Short Video on Why to Go Free-Range

Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog RSS feed. Related posts: Free-Range Pork

Free-Range Pork

Check out Ormiston Free-Range Pork. James and Georgie Caspar started Ormiston Free Range in 2007 following a ‘tree-change’ from the UK to Australia. They run a fantastic small-holding and are more than happy to share their knowledge about free-range farming and pig raising on their beautiful property just outside Mudgee NSW. Farm tours run every Sunday […]

Holistic Management Course

” Holistic Management was first conceived and developed by Rhodesian biologist, game ranger, politician, farmer, and rancher, Allan Savory, over 40 years ago. Holistic Management is driven by a decision making framework which ensures economic, ecological, and social soundness, simultaneously, both short and long term. Savory articulated four key insights which are pivotal to our […]

Lantasia Organic Farms

GreenFoodie is happy to introduce Landtasia Organic Farms Pty Ltd (Landtasia). Landtasia Farm and Sanctuary is located on 10,500 acres in the NSW Southern Tablelands. It was founded in 2001 to establish and operate an exemplary organic mixed agricultural enterprise and is certified by Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) as a fully Certified Organic property. (Producer […]

Intensive farming is found to be better than organic methods for protecting the environment

By Mark Henderson, 2 September 2011 Source @ The Australian South Gippsland farmer Ann Blundy is a successful example of organic farming, after switching to the practice 18 years ago. Picture: David Geraghty. Source: The Australian ORGANIC farming can be less effective at protecting wildlife than intensive methods, according to research that undermines its claim […]

How Animal Welfare Leads to Better Meat: A Lesson From Spain

By Daisy Freund, Source @ The Atlantic Spain’s stress-free, acorn-eating Ibérico pigs produce healthier, tastier ham—and modern food science explains why I had never seen pigs run. Which was why, I realized, it looked so ridiculous when more than a dozen of them crested a hill, heading straight toward me at an ear-flapping porcine gallop. […]

Farmer to Farmer: The Truth About GM Crops

A short documentary following British farmer Michael Hart as he investigates the reality of farming genetically modified crops in the USA 10 years after their introduction. Farmer to Farmer: The Truth About GM Crops from Pete Speller on Vimeo. Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog […]


Looking for a transitional form of agriculture as we try to wean ourselves off fossil-fuel based farming systems into smaller scaled, localised and sustainable ways of providing for ourselves? Enter, alleycropping — the practice of planting rows of trees (ideally on contour) through fields to create alleys, or corridors, of alternating trees and ground crops. […]

The Organic Federation of Australia

Uniting the Organic Industry The Organic Federation of Australia (OFA) was established in 1998 as the peak body for the organic industry in Australia. OFA’s role is to work in co-operation with all sectors of industry and government to develop the Australian Organic Industry from a niche industry into a major component of Australian agriculture […]

The Diggers Club – A Gardener’s Resource

The Digger’s Club is Australia’s largest garden club. We are passionate about preserving the best traditions. We nurture two historic gardens so you can visit and learn about gardening. Heronswood has two buildings listed on the Register of National Estate. We teach gardening at horticultural colleges, run workshops, and publish books. They have Australia’s largest […]

Organic growth prompts a new guide

Source @ The Canberra Times – 06 August 2011 – By Henrietta Cook A spike in the number of Australian households purchasing organic food has prompted the Biological Farmers of Australia to publish a guide that sets out the differences between organic and conventional produce. The group’s director and standards convener, Andrew Monk, said organic […]

eFarmers Market

A great resource for getting those hard to find regional products that you love, without the travel! eFarmersMarket.com.au is an online marketplace where Australians can purchase food & drinks from regional artisan producers across Australia with the convenience of one box delivery. Instead of scouring the country in search of the finest food and drinks […]

Rwanda – Forests of Hope

An inspiring story in this video! Many of you will remember the inspiring and encouraging example of earth restoration found in the story of the Loess Plateau in China. John Liu was the man heavily involved in this amazing and very large scale initiative. In this new video you’ll see Mr. Liu turning his eyes […]

Food or fuel: how will governments solve the coal seam gas dilemma?

Source @ TheConversation – 16 August 2011 – Tina Hunter, Bond University Food security and energy security are paramount to the survival and growth of Australia. Food security so that we may feed ourselves (and a hungry world), and energy security for transport, heating, lighting and various other activities that we enjoy at present. What […]

Choose Wisely – Humane Food

Choose Wisely is a celebration of animal welfare-friendly food. Choose Wisely businesses have committed to serve eggs, chicken and/or pork produced from animals that have been farmed humanely. That means layer hens, meat chickens and pigs are free to socialise and express their full range of natural behaviours. Watch the short video and check out […]

Book: The Urban Cook

This is a great book, great tips on sustainable eating and some awesome recipes! Amid the hectic lives we lead today, it can be hard to find time to think about where our food comes from and the choices we make in how we shop, cook and eat. In this thoughtful, approachable book, chef Mark […]

Selling Off Australia: Where Food Security Hits the Hotplate

Source @ UNSW School of Business – 01 March 2011 The recent Queensland floods have wiped out crops and sent food prices spiralling, highlighting the formerly overlooked but pressing concerns about food security. Not before time, some say, because climate is not the only contributor to looming food shortages. To date, the federal government has […]

GM seeds germinate at spill site

Source @ ABC News online – 16 August 2011 – By Rebecca Dollery A farmer near the site of a spill of genetically modified (GM) canola in the Great Southern in Western Australia says the seeds are now germinating. Last week, a truck carrying more than 15 tonnes of GM canola caught fire on the […]


Chook Trader is a great online resource aimed at helping you buy and sell poultry and poultry equipment including: coops, incubators, chickens, ducks and so much more. Chook Trader was conceived after weeks looking for a Lavender Muscovy Duck! It became clear that a simple, easy-to-use site would help to make selling and buying poultry […]

Concern as foreign buyers secure agricultural land

Source @ SMH.com – 20 August 2011 – Darren Gray CASHED-UP foreign buyers won approval to buy $650 million of Victorian agricultural, forestry or fishing assets in 2009-10, new figures obtained by The Saturday Age reveal. The massive investment pertained to just four proposed deals. The Foreign Investment Review Board figures show that proposed investments […]

Should Australia be selling the Farm?

Source @ SMH.com – 20 August 2011 – Darren Gray and Martin Daly  THE Lawless patch at Burramine outside Yarrawonga has been in the family for five generations. It lies among vast tracts of some of the best and most productive farmland in Australia, and since 1880 has fed and nourished 30 children born on […]

Become a GreenFoodie Member

Become a GreenFoodie member by filling in the form on our homepage to receive member only benefits. Members receive our weekly newsletter direct to their inbox. We will have other content and offers from time to time only available to members! Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to […]

The future of GM under fire

Source @ ABC News online – 19 August 2011 – By Kerry Staight for Landline Greenpeace has called for a ban on all genetically engineered crop field trials in Australia, saying the science is not fully understood. While genetically modified (GM) cotton and canola have already been released commercially, there are a range of other […]

Why Rainforest Alliance Coffee is better

Is your coffee rainforest alliance certified? Watch this to see why it’s so important! Coffee: How It Can Be Good for People and the Planet from Rainforest Alliance on Vimeo. Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog RSS feed. Related posts: Rainforest Alliance View from Above […]

View from Above the Coffee Garden Canopy

Source @ RainforestAlliance – 11 Aug 2011 In the third installation of his report from Papua New Guinea, Noah Jackson – an auditor and trainer for the Rainforest Alliance – describes his experience as the first foreigner to explore one local community’s farmlands.   We’re hiking down a steep slope that’s been planted with kunai […]

The Healing Power of Honey – From Burns To Weak Bones

Source @ Foodmatters.tv – 05 Aug 2011 What is raw honey? Raw honey is honey which has not been pasteurized or filtered so it has all the beneficial nutrients still in tact. Most commercial honeys unfortunately have been heated at time of processing to facilitate storage in large commercial tanks. Raw honey is a treasure […]

Urban farm idea takes root in Canberra

Source @ Canberra Times BY HENRIETTA COOK A visionary group of carbon-conscious Canberrans is developing a proposal for a community hub and sustainable farm in the nation’s capital. It’s an ambitious plan but one that is gaining momentum and next month the group will host its first community workshop. ‘‘This is more than a feel-good […]

Australia’s National Food Plan – Heard about it?

Have you heard about the Australian Government’s proposed National Food Plan? Nope? Neither had we until we read an article in the most recent newsletter from Green Pages stating that Senator Joe Ludwig has extended the deadline for submissions until September 2. Don’t get us wrong, we’re supportive of extending the deadline but we are […]

Care farms help people recover their better nature

Source @ TheGuadian.co.uk – 2 August 2011 Care farms are part of a growing ‘ecotherapy’ movement, but do the activities on offer deliver long-term benefits? Bibi van der Zee joins a group of young people to find out Before breakfast, three young people head down to the woods, struggling a little with the heavy bag of sow […]

CSIRO in bed with multinational corporations

Source @ GMwatch.org – 14 July 2011 The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is promoted as Australia’s pre-eminent public scientific research body. Although ostensibly ‘publicly funded’ CSIRO has, in reality, been encouraged to get 30% of its funding from business with the CSIRO top management encouraging its staff to go to 40%. As […]

Graze, Nature Delivered, UK

This is a great wholefood delivery service in the UK. It’s really well done and worth a look. Wouldn’t it be great if someone started this up Down Under! Check out Graze @ http://bit.ly/9rn4Xd   Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog RSS feed. Related posts: […]

Cityfood Growers, Brisbane

Cityfood Growers provides services and knowledge to support the transformation of our food system to be more local and organic. Our business empowers people living in around cities with knowledge so they can be more productive at growing their own food. We facilitate local and global connections between food gardeners and provide a vehicle for consumers […]

Can GMOs Help End World Hunger?

Source @ Huffingtonpost.com – 01 August 2011 – By John Robbins Can genetically engineered foods help feed the hungry? Are anti-GMO activists and over-zealous environmentalists standing in the way of the hungry being fed? The hope that GMO foods might bring solutions to malnutrition and world hunger was never more dramatically illustrated than when Time […]

Kid’s Pantry, Canberra

This is a great initiative to get kids learning about where food comes from and cooking it! Check out their website to get involved! Cook. Dig. Party. At Kids Pantry we’re growing the next generation of cooks. As Canberra’s only cooking school and kitchen garden designed just for kids, we aim to teach children the […]

USA – Court rules Organic farmers can sue GMO farmers whose pesticides contaminate their fields

Source @ Natural News.com – August 03, 2011 – by Ethan A. Huff (NaturalNews) Purveyors of conventional and genetically-modified (GM) crops — and the pesticides and herbicides that accompany them — are finally getting a taste of their own legal medicine. Minnesota’s Star Tribune has reported that the Minnesota Court of Appeals recently ruled that […]

The big issues and the small

While greenfoodie is passionate about the big issues surrounding the world’s food it’s important to remember the simple things so watch this, no message attached! EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo. Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog RSS feed. Related posts: Keeping Cattle: Cause or […]

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is growing a food revolution from the ground up! We are changing the way children approach and think about food. All around the country, children are enthusiastically getting their hands dirty and learning how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food. The fundamental philosophy that underpins the […]

Ted Talk – Birke Baehr: What’s wrong with our food system

11-year-old Birke Baehr presents his take on a major source of our food — far-away and less-than-picturesque industrial farms. Keeping farms out of sight promotes a rosy, unreal picture of big-box agriculture, he argues, as he outlines the case to green and localize food production. Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about […]

From pests to profits: making kangaroos valuable to farmers

Source @ www.theconversation.edu.au The Scottish eat their deer and the South Africans their springbok. Australia’s national icon is gentle on the environment, doesn’t emit methane, is good to eat and could be a great source of income for farmers. Farmers generally don’t have any background or experience in kangaroo management, and the idea that ‘roos […]

Plan for China to invest in agricultural business rather than buy the farm

Source @ TheAustralian.com -03 Aug 2011 –  Siobhain Ryan CHINESE companies could be encouraged to invest in Australian agricultural businesses instead of buying up farms under a new foreign investment model based on the practice in the mining sector. Trade Minister Craig Emerson proposed the approach yesterday as a way of addressing public concerns over […]

Foreign investors sow deep roots in food bowl

Source @ SMH.com – 30 Jul 2011 – Leonie Lamont MINING and energy companies have bought more than 35,000 hectares of rural land in NSW in the past year, in a scramble with foreign investors in agriculture to snap up prime sites. A Herald review of land sales found the mining interest was focused on […]

Five of a kind: Organic cafes in Melbourne

Source @ The Age – 30 Jul 2011 – By Simone Egger Produce sourced locally and grown organically is the star of the show when cafes embrace the slow food ethos. SLOWPOKE THOUGH young (two months old) and fresh, Slowpoke is traditional and proudly parochial in its preference for using produce that’s local. Owner-operator Curtis […]

MadCap Cafe – Doing good with coffee

Today, more Aussies are dealing with a mental illness than experiencing a common cold. MadCap Cafe is a great social enterprise providing opportunities for people suffering from mental illness. It has three cafes in Victoria and is hoping to grow to around 40 nation wide.  It is a great initiative worthy of all our support. […]

Shut the gate: why cash-strapped landowners are selling the farm

Source @ SMH – 1 Aug 2011 Australia’s sweeping plains are being overrun by rural raiders from overseas. Leonie Lamont and Paddy Manning explain how the humble back block has become global hot property. It’s not news that legendary global investor Jim Rogers likes agriculture and just about every bushel or belly that springs from […]

Sustainable food – as greenfoodie as it gets!

This is a great TED talk that explains what is wrong with our food system and how we can draw on the past to fix it. This is our favorite TED talk and embodies everything greenfoodie is about! Chef Dan Barber squares off with a dilemma facing many chefs today: how to keep fish on […]

Book – Permaculture Pioneers

Permaculture is much more than organic gardening… Arguably it is one of Australia’s greatest intellectual exports, having helped people worldwide to design ecologically sustainable strategies for their homes, gardens, farms and communities. This book charts a history of the first three decades of permaculture, through the personal stories of Australian permaculturists. From permaculture co-originator David […]

Organic Farmer sues over GM contamination

Source @ The Australian – July 28, 2011 – By Amanda O’Brien A WEST Australian farmer plans to sue his neighbour for allegedly contaminating his organic farm with genetically modified canola in a case that could have national implications. Grain and meat farmer Steve Marsh was stripped of his hard-won organic accreditation over 70 per […]

Australia’s wheat scandal report

The biotech takeover of our daily bread A report from Greenpeace detailing their argument why the Australian Government must intervene to stop the corporate attempt to commercialise GM wheat in Australia by 2015, beginning with a ban on all trials of GM wheat in the field. Fundamental changes are taking place in Australia’s wheat industry and corporations […]

Organic food 3rd in top 5 growth industries

Source @ ABC Rural – Friday, 22/07/2011 The organics industry continues its above average rate of growth, ranking third on a list of the top 5 growth industries. The latest report from forecaster IBISWorld says demand for organic produce will push revenue up by 13 per cent this year to around $500 million. IBISWorld analyst […]

Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution – An Interview with Bill Mollison

Source @ Permaculture Research Institute Australia Bill Mollison calls himself a field biologist and itinerant teacher. But it would be more accurate to describe him as an instigator. When he published Permaculture One in 1978, he launched an international land-use movement many regard as subversive, even revolutionary. Permaculture — from permanent and agriculture — is […]

How to Eat Green

Source @ The Australian – 25 July 2011 – By Marlowe Hood, AFP EATING used to be so simple. If you liked it and could afford it, down the hatch it went. Yum-yum, end of story. But the days of carefree consumption of food, alas, are a thing of the past, especially for meat lovers. […]

Organic School Gardens Project by BFA

Posted by Biological Farmers of Australia on July 18th, 2011 11:40 am In May 2010, the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) launched a free organic gardening program available to all Australian primary schools and anyone with an interest in organic gardening. The program is designed for students aged 8 -12 years and provides written materials for lessons […]

Plants Curling and Dying for No Reason? Aminopyralid Poisoning

Are your tomato, potato, salad and legume plants suddenly curling and dying for no reason? Are the fruits deformed, not ripening and dying on the vine? You may be dealing with the result of aminopyralid poisoning. Aminopyralid is a selective hormone-based herbicide manufactured by Dow AgroSciences for control of broadleaf weeds on grassland, such as […]

Meat: a Benign Extravagance

Source @ The Australian – July 16, 2011 – By John Newton WE’RE told we could solve many of the world’s environmental problems if we stop eating meat. But is it true? That’s the question Simon Fairlie – a self-described “agricultural worker, smallholder, environmentalist journalist and hippie” in the UK – sets out to answer […]

New front opened in mining war

Source @ The Australian – 16 July 2011 – by Jared Owens KEN Sullivan’s fourth-generation family property has become the latest flashpoint in the test of will between the booming mining industry and the agricultural sector. The 4600ha wheat and legume farm in central Queensland is in the heart of one of the nation’s richest […]

Food Forests – Design modern solutions from ancient traditions

Source @ Natural News.com – by: Isaac Harkness The human practice of growing food from and amongst the trees goes back millennia. There are examples of food forests, or forest gardens, in Vietnam and Morocco stretching back hundreds and thousands of years respectively. Much of the east coast of North America was managed this way […]

How Food Shapes our Cities

Source @ TED.com – By Carolyn Steel Every day, in a city the size of London, 30 million meals are served. But where does all the food come from? Architect Carolyn Steel discusses the daily miracle of feeding a city, and shows how ancient food routes shaped the modern world. Did you like this? If […]

Canberra Organic Growers Society

The Canberra Organic Growers Society Inc (COGS) is a non-profit organisation started in 1977 with the aim of providing a forum for organic growers to exchange information and encourage the adoption organic growing methods. COGS is run by a voluntary committee which is elected annually.  COGS are a group of gardeners (mainly urban) dedicated to […]

Whether it is humane or not, killing is at the dark heart of the meat industry

Source @ The Age By Andrew Cox, July 14, 2011 Footage from Indonesian abattoirs brought home our disconnect with what we eat. THE federal government timed the resumption of the live cattle trade perfectly. Images that shocked Australians a month ago are now sufficiently remote as to be once more ignored. Time is a more […]

Growing Chickens – RawBale Chicken House Design

If you are thinking about chickens and have plenty of space, here’s a great idea for a chicken house; Source @ Milkwood Permaculture Within the Gravity Chicken Run, we needed a place for our chickens that was warm in winter and cool in summer. We also wanted it to be super easy to clean, cheap […]

Press Release – Minister Ludwig welcomes live sheep export supply chain assurance

Source @ www.maff.gov.au 13 July 2011 DAFF/194L Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator Joe Ludwig, and representatives of the sheep export industry met in Perth today to discuss the introduction of supply chain assurance to the Australia’s live sheep export industry and what could be done to strengthen it. Attendees included LiveCorp, Meat and […]

Movie – The Garden at the End of the World

The Garden at the end of the World, “is a film that is both a documentary and a travelogue of a journey through a ruined land. It is stark in its contrasts of the impacts of war with the everyday lives of people trying to create new lives, of ruined city and the bare beauty […]

Costa slams Food Giants

Source @ Sunshine Coast Daily   Mark Furler | 10th July 2011 THE supermarket giants have been accused of playing Russian roulette with Australians’ health with their food production processes. THE supermarket giants have been accused of playing Russian roulette with Australians’ health with their food production processes. Greek TV gardening host Costa Georgiadis opened both […]

Cats and Dogs – What Do You Feed Them?

Source @ FoodMatters – by Dr Karen Becker, Integrative Wellness Veterinarian If you’re like most pet owners, your four-legged companion is a beloved member of your family. And just like the humans in your household, you want to give your pet every opportunity for a long and healthy life. What you might not know is […]

Event – Global climate change and the role of agriculture as both cause and cure

When: 13 July 3:30pm What: Presented by Allan Savory Founder of Holistic Management™, President and Co-Founder of The Savory Institute and the Africa Centre for Holistic Management Take this opportunity to connect with Allan Savory in Canberra. As well as his ground-breaking work on reversing global biodiversity loss and desertification, Allan was one of the […]

Press Release – Government Lifts Live Cattle Export Suspension

Government lifts live cattle export suspension 6 July 2011 DAFF/192L Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator Joe Ludwig today issued revised export control orders that open the way for trade in live feeder cattle with Indonesia. “These new orders allow the export of live cattle only where animals can be managed through supply chains […]

Video Explaining Live Exports

Watch this video to learn about how the welfare of animals exported overseas is being safeguarded. Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog RSS feed. Related posts: Live Exports – Outback station to cull thousands of cattle Live Exports: The Graziers Perspective Banning Live Exports: Problem […]

Live Exports – Outback station to cull thousands of cattle

From: ABC News Graziers say they will have to cull thousands of cattle because of the ban on live exports to Indonesia. (AAP: Dave Hunt) The owners of a Western Australian cattle station say they are being forced to cull about 3,000 cattle in the wake of the ban on live exports to Indonesia. Australia’s […]

Keeping Cattle: Cause or Cure for Climate Crisis?

This is a VERY important lecture that all Australians should watch, delivered by world famous livestock expert Allan Savory from the Savory Institute. The grazing industry has been vilified for many years and accused as the cause of desertification and climate change due to ‘overgrazing’ delicate environments. However, livestock grazing at factors of sometimes 400% […]

The Truth About Milk

From: foodmatters and www.rodaleinstitute.org/20080… By Loren Muldowne (Rodale Institute) Mark McAfee is owner of Organic Pastures Dairy Co. in Fresno, California. McAfee explains ‘raw’ milk is milk in its natural state, as it comes from the cow, without heat treatment or pasteurization. Pasteurization is used to extend shelf life and to immobilize certain bacteria, he […]

Event – Capital Country Truffle Festival

There are many events all over the Capital Region throughout July. Head to Truffle Festival 2011 website to find out more. Capital Country is the region around Canberra and it’s becoming one of the prime growing regions for black Perigord truffles in Australia. It is already (without doubt) the best place in the country to […]

Good Food and Wine Show, 1-3 July, Sydney Convention & Exibition Centre

Looking for something to do in Sydney this weekend? Check out the Good Food and Wine Show! FRI: 10am – 8pm   SAT: 10am – 6pm   SUN: 10am – 5pm Indulge all your foodie fantasies at the Sydney Good Food & Wine Show! It’s time to celebrate Sydney’s flair for modern Australian cuisine with a festival […]

What the World Eats Project

This photographic report exposes the proliferation of processed foods in the western diet and in the diets of many developing countries the world over. Is it any wonder that we are seeing increases in diet & lifestyle related diseases? What are your thoughts? From: FoodMatters About the project: These images are from the book ‘Hungry […]

Landshare Comes to Australia!

Landshare Australia brings together people who have a passion for home-grown food, connecting those who have land to share with those who need land for cultivating food. The concept of Landshare began in the UK, launched through the River Cottage television program in 2009, and has since grown into a thriving community of more than 57,000 […]

Food Waste

Aussie households bin close to three million tonnes of food each year. By: Choice – The people’s watchdog – See the whole article @ Choice.com.au Scraping plates off into the bin, tossing away that stew forgotten at the back of the fridge, binning the mouldy bread – we all do it from time to time […]

Rainforest Alliance

So, what does the Rainforest Alliance logo on your chocolate, coffee and other products actually mean? The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.   Small Actions = Big Changes from Rainforest Alliance on Vimeo. Did you like this? If so, please bookmark […]

Real Food, Canberra

A great initiative by some Canberra locals – Canberra Greenfoodies show your support by buying their cookbook or going to one of their events! Check them out @ Real Food Canberra Canned, packaged and pre-made food dominates our supermarket isles, most of our food travels thousands of kilometers before even reaching our plates, and increasingly […]

The Journey to Veganism

By Zoe Carriere – mother, teacher, vegan Life is a journey, and the road to becoming a vegan is not an easy one when you started out as a meat eater.  The purpose of this article is to provide an anecdotal account of my experiences, both the difficulties and triumphs on this journey as well […]

Australian cattle exports to Indonesia: Ban or assistance?

An article written on the Indonesian perspective of the live export ban published in the Jakarta Post Source @ The Jakarta Post – Australian cattle exports to Indonesia: Ban or assistance? Risti Permani, Adelaide, Australia | Thu, 06/09/2011 8:00 AM   Videos showing Australian cattle being subject to inhumane treatment in Indonesian abattoirs have prompted […]

Appeal from a NT cattle station

An interesting article from a Northern Territory grazier affected by the live export ban to Indonesia. Source @ The Northern Rivers Echo: Appeal from a NT cattle station 23rd June 2011 Like many Australians, we have been deeply upset about the cruelty inflicted on animals in some abattoirs. However, we feel there are many issues […]

Simply Raw – Reversing Diabetes Naturally

Food the cure for Diabetes? Sure is! This is a short for a great story about how raw food can cure diabetes! Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog RSS feed. No related posts.

Sustainability Drive

Residents of a Sydney suburban town unite to create fantastic food gardens along their street, where there was once an expanse of concrete footpath. The vegetable beds are watered by diverted stormwater and the produce is shared. This is very much in keeping with the GreenWay vision develop a network of green streets within the […]

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia

Cooking is an important life skill which everyone should learn. With the right sort of information and teaching, anyone can learn how to cook. Jamie’s Ministry of Food is nothing less than a food revolution. The initiative has the potential to radically improve population health and social welfare of communities across Australia. It empowers people […]

All this from one bottle of water…

What good does your bottle of water do? If the label says ‘Thankyou Water’ it does a lot. Thankyou Water is a social enterprise that exists for a single purpose, to bring clean drinking water to those in need. 100% of profit funds water projects in developing nations. For every bottle sold, at least one […]

Slow Food Hall of Taste, Italy

The Salone del Gusto, or hall of taste may not be what you think of when someone mentions slow food. It is, however, greenfoodie paradise! Enjoy the article and then check out more from Slow Food and SBS Food. by Matthew Evans for SBS food – 7th January 2011 Slow Food. It makes you think […]

Live Exports: The Graziers Perspective

By Genevieve Hopkins, 15 June 2011 The shocking images of animal cruelty exposed by Animals Australia and aired on ABCs Four Corners[i] sparked outrage and horror around Australia. A strong campaign by Animals Australia, RSPCA and GetUp! to ban live exports was launched with massive public response. I was an active supporter of these bans, […]

Aussie Farmers Revolt

Fed up with supermarkets milking all the profits, break-away farmers are now running their own stores and passing massive savings back to you. They say they can offer better quality and cheaper prices from everything from fruit and veges to fresh meat and it’s all delivered to your door. Check out this short video for […]

The Greenhouse Project

Greenhouse is an inspiring, whole food, pop-up cafe project that strives to create no waste. There is a permanent Greenhouse in Perth, a pop-up in Sydney during early 2011 and word is that Melbourne, as well as some international locations are next. The Greenhouse cafe uses whole foods to make menu staples on site, including […]

Growing the Growers Project

This is a great project being run by Joyce Wilkie and Michael Plane from Allsun Farm at Gundaroo. Check out their introduction video and then visit their website to find out more. Greenfoodie will bring you updates on this exciting project as it evolves! Growing the Growers Project Website “It is becoming increasingly obvious that […]

What is Fair Trade?

Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. By requiring companies to pay sustainable prices, Fairtrade addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against the poorest, weakest producers. It enables them to improve their position and have more […]

Banning Live Exports: Problem or Opportunity?

By Genevieve Hopkins, 10 June 2011 The live exports ban has certainly made headlines and is raising emotional debate on all sides of the live export fence. While I am strongly against live exports due to the abhorrent treatment of our animals when they reach their overseas destinations, the welfare of our Australian farmers/graziers has […]

Food Inc

The movie Film Inc about modern agriculture is on limited release in Australia. Featuring Eric Schlosser, who wrote the bestselling book Fast Food Nation, it’s a film that could change the way you look at food – or an excellent film to show to people who are unaware of how “industrial agriculture” actually works. [youtube […]

What Can We Learn From The Diets of Traditional People From Around the World?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPCOGSnjP5w] Dr.Weston A. Price (1870-1948), a Cleveland dentist, has been called the “Charles Darwin of Nutrition.” In his search for the causes of dental decay and physical degeneration that he observed in his dental practice, he turned from test tubes and microscopes to unstudied evidence among human beings. Dr. Price sought the factors responsible […]

Joel Salatin returns to Australia

Joel Salatin returns to Australia. To call the Salatin’s farming practices at Polyface Farms in Virginia USA ‘innovative’ is a bit of a massive understatement. Joel’s unique approach to productive small-scale farming, that focuses on great ideas, biomimicry, and what can only be called truly regenerative agriculture, are fast becoming legendary. __ Did you like […]

An Interview with Vandana Shiva – Traditional Knowledge, Biodiversity and Sustainable Living

Thursday, March 31st, 2011, By Bhavani Prakash, Eco Walk The Talk, Asia’s Global Green Community Dr Vandana Shiva needs little introduction as a prominent environmental, social justice and anti-GM activist. In 2010, she received the Sydney Peace Prize and was named by Guardian UK in March 2011 as one of the top 100 women in […]

Support Small Farmers and GROW with Oxfam!

GreenFoodie is very excited to support Oxfam’s new project to fix our broken food systems and support small farmers. Watch this short video and GROW![youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH4Wt3w5CsM] Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog RSS feed. No related posts.

Toxins in human & foetal blood found to be caused by genetically modified food

Posted by Biological Farmers of Australia on May 27th, 2011 2:01 pm Research in Canada has identified a Bt toxin, produced by genetically modified (GM) insect resistant crops, in the blood of women. The study also shows the toxin was passed on through fetal blood. The study was undertaken at Sherbrooke University Hospital in Quebec […]


What is Permaculture? Illustration by Cecilia Macaulay Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems. It is the harmonious integration of landscape and people providing their food, energy, shelter, and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way. Without […]

Using Nature’s Genius in Architecture – TED Talk

http://video.ted.com/assets/player/swf/EmbedPlayer.swf Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog RSS feed. No related posts.

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