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Garlic Braiding and Garden Update

Week started hot and dry but cold change with rains from Wednesday, clearing on Sunday. Harvested garlic has spent a week curing on stems. Stems cut off from scape garlic, 10 large cloves kept aside for breeding stock, the rest stored in mesh bag. Managed to create 3 braids from the rest. Scapes drying in […]

Garlic Harvest 2016

Week started hot and dry but cold change with rains from Wednesday, clearing Sunday. Garlic harvested, cleaned and prepared for a week of curing. Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog RSS feed. Related posts: Back from Holidays – Happy 2016 Late Spring Seedlings 2016 House […]

Late Spring Seedlings 2016

Gorgeous sunny day, warm sun, cool breeze after cool week. Evenings during the week, including today feature Easterly winds bringing sea mist across the mountains. Didn’t grow plants from seeds this year due to lack of time, prolonged cold weather and frosts. Stopped by Bunnings today to get new timers and connectors, picked up seedlings […]

House Herb Garden 2016

Nice hot week this week with afternoon rains. Planted out herb garden including, from roses: another rosemary plant, variegated thyme, oregano, lemon thyme, oregano and creeping thyme. 2 common lavender plants were planted behind with a lavender plant in between taken from the food forest where it was struggling. The Pierre de Ronsard is flowering nicely. […]

The End of Winter 2016

In the last days of a very wet July I am noticing the stirrings of Spring. The wattle trees are budding and about to burst into their glorious sprays of yellow flower, the birds have started collecting bits and bobs to build their nests and there are tiny calves and lambs being born and frolicking […]

Back from Holidays – Happy 2016

We’ve been away for 3 weeks and got back late Tuesday night. After spending Wednesday recovering we finally had time to do a few things around the garden this morning. When we left, our region hadn’t had any good rain for months, the landscape was brown an bone dry, our tank was 1/4 full and […]

Cherry Slugs and Flea Beetles

Hot dry week, no rain. A couple of days of heavy winds in the afternoons, still, foggy mornings. David sprayed pyrethrum on the trees early Saturday morning to kill the cherry slugs. The nectarines looked ok, the cherries have had some damage but one of the pear trees has been surprisingly hit hard. Looks like […]

Red Currant Harvest 2015

Hot, dry day today, 11C-33C. No rain for a couple of weeks. Paddocks going brown and dry. Water tank only half full. Dave and I supered the hive this morning. Very glad to have the bee keeping jacket but my bees never got upset. Didn’t look at the individual frames but they were covered in […]

Frosty Morning Disappointment

Very disappointed today. My beautiful veggies have been devastated by frost, which I didn’t find out until this evening when I went to water them. They had been doing so well, lots of buds and green growth. Beautiful sunny and cool day, steady mild breeze. Temperatures ranged from 0.7C-21.7C. Despite the disappointment it was interesting […]

Finishing this Year’s Veggie Planting

Visited Yarralumla Nursery to buy native trees and shrubs for front yard and ended up buying a few more veggies for veggie patch. Gorgeous sunny and mild day. Planted out the remaining veggie beds: 3 x Zucchini – Bed 1 5 x Marigold – Bed 2 Tomatoes – Bed 4 Roma x 2 Beafsteak Amish Paste […]

D-Day for Rosemary

Arrived at 0800 to prepare for the kill. Farmers had already put the gallon drum over burners to boil, gantry was positioned beside it. Tables, instruments and equipment were set up. Farmer’s and our family had morning tea together then we went outside and did the kill. She went down quickly and once she was […]

Fattening the Pig 2015

Today we went out to the farm to prepare our pig for slaughter next weekend. We separated the farmers’ boy from his 4 sisters and walked him up to the pens near the farmers’ house. He followed us happily, like a dog, very sweet. It was a bit more difficult to separate our girls but […]

Spring Jobs 2015

Weather Rain – A few spits on Saturday but clear, fine weather rest of the week Temp – 5C to 18C Frost – Mild most mornings with morning fog Jobs Vege Patch – Spread sugar cane mulch on 2 garden beds, 2 remaining Orchard – Pruned trees of dead branches, fertilised all fruit trees will […]

Prepping for Summer Crops 2015

Weather Rain – A few spits on Saturday but clear, fine weather rest of the week Temp – 2C to 17C Frost – Mild most mornings with morning fog Jobs Veggie Patch – Finished weeding final bed, covered in mushroom compost. Spread blood and bone. Orchard – Weeded trees in chook pen and food forest, […]

Update – Summer 2014 (February)

Last year was a crazy busy year work and life wise and now I have space to breath I thought it would be a good time for an update on our goings on. Our house was finally finished and we moved in August last year. It is everything we wished it would be. Small (3 […]

Kitchen Garden Update

Well, we’ve been a little slack over the last couple of weeks, but I’ve been playing with my camera. Here’s a couple of photos from our kitchen garden. More updates coming soon… Did you like this? If so, please bookmark it, about it, and subscribe to the blog RSS feed. Related posts: A GreenFoodie’s Garden […]

Forest Garden Update

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on the progress of our little forest garden. It’s coming along and we’ve been doing a lot of planting. A lot of work is also going into the eternal fight with the grass. We don’t want to use a synthetic weed mat, but it seems the grass […]

Monday Link Heaven

Another Monday rolls around and we have a pile of interesting articles to read. Enjoy! EAT We are just starting to get our heads around adding organ meats to our diets, actually eating heart, liver, kidneys etc. We want to overcome our distaste because we want to reduce wastage and improve our nutrition. We thought […]

The Bare Bones of a Food Forest – GreenFoodie’s Garden Journal

Despite some fairly atrocious weather over the weekend we managed to make a great start to our food forest, planting out most of our bare rooted orchard trees. After attending the food forest course at the Mulloon Institute, a couple of weeks of brain-storming and considering the various aspects impacting on our block we finally […]

Monday Link Heaven

Ok, so the Sunday link post has now become Monday’s weekly link update. Whatever the day it makes for some interesting reading. EAT 20 more reasons to have more honey in your life, need we say more? Can Red Meat Be Part of a Healthful Diet? This is an excellent article by Dr. Mercola on […]

Less Growing More Learning – A GreenFoodie’s Garden Journal

There is not much to report from the garden as Winter sets in. We haven’t done much gardening at all this season, although David did manage to build a frost shelter to protect our citrus and surprisingly abundant if a bit bitter celery crop. He used six star pickets, irrigation pipe and greenhouse tarp. It’s […]

Befriending the Sow Thistle – A GreenFoodie’s Garden Journal

As you may have read if you’ve been following my blog, a couple of weeks ago my garden had been overtaken by weeds the size of trees, before a gardening superhero cleared it all up in one day. You can read about it here. I’m not kidding about the size of the weeds either, they […]

A Superhero to the Rescue! – A GreenFoodie’s Garden Journal

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written about my gardening, mainly because I haven’t been doing much except watering on the days it hasn’t been raining. It’s a bit more difficult to spend time out in the garden while David is away and baby William takes up much of my time. In response to […]

A Greenfoodie’s Garden Journal – Summer’s First Harvest

After a couple of tropical days last week, Spring was farewelled by massive thunder and lighting storms, a spectacular end to a flower-filled season. After the blossoms had fallen, the trees set about growing their summer coats of green (or red in the case of the ornamental plum which is so common in Canberra and […]

A GreenFoodie’s Garden Journal – New Life

It has been a while since I have had the time to write about our gardening journey. Much has changed. I am now the proud mother of a gorgeous baby boy, William Robert Hopkins, born on 14 October 2011. What a special present is my little spring lamb! David has gone away for four months […]

The Strawberry Jam Experiment

We were amazed at the quality of the strawberries this season! Everywhere we went at the markets had great looking strawberries, so we were feasting… I’d always wanted to make my own jam, and the many jars of my mother’s Rosella jam we came home from our last Christmas visit with spurred me on. So […]

A GreenFoodie’s Garden Journal – Welcome Spring

Sunday, 4 September 2011 Another lovely Spring day in the garden. Things are starting to get exciting as all our plants are sprouting, blossoming and thriving, even in the most unexpected places. I noticed that under our still sad looking lime tree, chives are sprouting and happily multiplying. How on earth did they get there? […]

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Our foodie weekend

We had a pretty good foodie weekend this week. It started off as it usually does, Genevieve and the baby bump sleeping in and me having coffee outside with the hound. Then we headed out to catch up with a friend and have brunch – to our usual haunt, Urban Food + Cafe. The breakfast […]

Cityfood Growers, Brisbane

Cityfood Growers provides services and knowledge to support the transformation of our food system to be more local and organic. Our business empowers people living in around cities with knowledge so they can be more productive at growing their own food. We facilitate local and global connections between food gardeners and provide a vehicle for consumers […]

Soil Decision Making

From: Permaculture Research Institute of Australia — by Campbell Wilson June 15, 2011 When you are trying to decide which method of soil improvement to take, sometimes it seems like there are as many different approaches as there are bacteria in a teaspoon of healthy soil. This isn’t necessarily a huge problem when you’re talking […]

Lessons from an Urban Back Yard Food Forest Experiment

From the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia — by Angelo Eliades April 13, 2011 In our modern, Western, science-centred world, proof is very highly valued. We are habitual sceptics, our minds are trained to hunger for irrefutable facts, and when these aren’t delivered, claims are met with denial, scepticism and disbelief…. When it comes to […]

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