Garlic Braiding and Garden Update

Week started hot and dry but cold change with rains from Wednesday, clearing on Sunday. Harvested garlic has spent a week curing on stems. Stems cut off from scape garlic, 10 large cloves kept aside for breeding stock, the rest stored in mesh bag. Managed to create 3 braids from the rest. Scapes drying in preparation for pickling the seed garlic.

Vegies and herbs growing well but nectarines still suffering from leaf curl and pears, plums and cherries badly affected by cherry slug. All beds need to be weeded especially of rye grass.

Bed 1

  • Cucumbers (Lebanese) x 2 – Both plants starting to develop flower buds
  • Tomatoes (Grosse Lisse) x 2 – Growing well, starting to flower
  • Tomatoes (Sweetbite) x 2 – Growing well, starting to flower
  • Tomatoes (Roma) x 2 – Growing well, starting to flower
  • Tomato (Rapunzel – Cherry Tomato) x 1 – Growing well, starting to flower
  • Tomato (Random – From Dan) x 1 – Growing vigorously, starting to fruit
  • Basil – Starting to regrow

Bed 2

  • Zucchini (Black Jack) x 2 – Growing well, starting to flower and fruit
  • Coriander – Gone to seed
  • Garlic – Harvested last week and prepared for storage this week
  • Potatoes – Growing well and starting to flower
  • Nasturtiums – Popping up along the edges

Bed 3

  • Cucumbers (Lebanese) – Growing but no sign of flower buds
  • Chilli (Jalepeno) x 8 – Not much growth and leaves are yellowing

Bed 4

  • Needs to be weeded
  • Cucumbers (Lebanese)

Berry Patch

  • A – Blackberries x 2 are flowering, Boysenberry x 1 growing vigorously with ripening berries, need training
  • B – Chilcotin Raspberries x 3 flowering with ripening berries
  • C – Raspberries x 3 flowering with ripening berries
  • Need to plant ground cover to smother weeds

Bed 5

  • 3 sisters patch overgrown with grass, weeds and flowering kale, straw not a good mulch as it encourages slugs
  • Need to clear next week and plant corn and pumpkin

Food Forest

  • Apple (Granny Smith) – Growing well, healthy leaves
  • Pear (Packham) – Badly affected by cherry slug
  • Nectarine (May Grand) – Regrowth looks healthy, 1/3 branchlets frost affected, needs to be trimmed
  • Apple (Pink Lady) – Growing well, healthy leaves
  • Nectarine (Dwarf Root Stock) – Regrowth looks healthy
  • Cherry (Bing) – Leaves heavily damaged by cherry slug, weeping sap on branches
  • Pear (Williams) – Growing well, healthy leaves
  • Red Currant – Fruit ripe
  • Understory – All understory plants are growing but rye grass is overtaking
  • Tansy and wild fennel

Chook Pen

  • Apple (Pink Lady) – Lots of growth, very large, green and healthy
  • Plum (Mariposa) – 30% leaf curl, the rest very healthy
  • Cherry (Van) – Some slug damage on leaves, more caterpillar damage, new growth small
  • Plum (Satsuma) – Heavily damaged by cherry slug
  • Thistles starting to grow
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