The End of Winter 2016

Pierre de Rosard Rose

Pierre de Rosard Rose

In the last days of a very wet July I am noticing the stirrings of Spring. The wattle trees are budding and about to burst into their glorious sprays of yellow flower, the birds have started collecting bits and bobs to build their nests and there are tiny calves and lambs being born and frolicking in the paddocks.

Though we had some very cold days and even snow, Winter was unseasonably wet and warmer than usual this year. We haven’t done anything in the garden except for planting my Pierre de Ronsard climbing rose and my blueberries in pots. We still have to prune the fruit trees, finish the veggie garden fence, chop and drop the food forest, turn over the soil for the three sisters, turn the soil and plant our berry canes, clean and fix the hen house.

Lots to do before Spring arrives, hopefully we get some clear weather on the weekend!

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