Garlic Braiding and Garden Update

Week started hot and dry but cold change with rains from Wednesday, clearing on Sunday. Harvested garlic has spent a week curing on stems. Stems cut off from scape garlic, 10 large cloves kept aside for breeding stock, the rest stored in mesh bag. Managed to create 3 braids from the rest. Scapes drying in […]

Garlic Harvest 2016

Week started hot and dry but cold change with rains from Wednesday, clearing Sunday. Garlic harvested, cleaned and prepared for a week of curing.

Late Spring Seedlings 2016

Gorgeous sunny day, warm sun, cool breeze after cool week. Evenings during the week, including today feature Easterly winds bringing sea mist across the mountains. Didn’t grow plants from seeds this year due to lack of time, prolonged cold weather and frosts. Stopped by Bunnings today to get new timers and connectors, picked up seedlings […]

House Herb Garden 2016

Nice hot week this week with afternoon rains. Planted out herb garden including, from roses: another rosemary plant, variegated thyme, oregano, lemon thyme, oregano and creeping thyme. 2 common lavender plants were planted behind with a lavender plant in between taken from the food forest where it was struggling. The Pierre de Ronsard is flowering nicely.

Happy Yuletide – Midwinter Fun!

What a wonderful and social Winter it has been! On Sunday fortnight we celebrated Yulefest. In the cold and frosty morning, Will and I (with Tin Tin) went up to Spook’s Hill and cut down a couple of fir boughs. I showed Will the toadstools that had popped up in through the carpet of fir […]

The End of Winter 2016

In the last days of a very wet July I am noticing the stirrings of Spring. The wattle trees are budding and about to burst into their glorious sprays of yellow flower, the birds have started collecting bits and bobs to build their nests and there are tiny calves and lambs being born and frolicking […]

Back from Holidays – Happy 2016

We’ve been away for 3 weeks and got back late Tuesday night. After spending Wednesday recovering we finally had time to do a few things around the garden this morning. When we left, our region hadn’t had any good rain for months, the landscape was brown an bone dry, our tank was 1/4 full and […]

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