Cherry Slugs and Flea Beetles

Hot dry week, no rain. A couple of days of heavy winds in the afternoons, still, foggy mornings. David sprayed pyrethrum on the trees early Saturday morning to kill the cherry slugs. The nectarines looked ok, the cherries have had some damage but one of the pear trees has been surprisingly hit hard. Looks like the pyrethrum has successfully killed the slugs.

Coriander covered in metallic blue beetles. Initially thought it was a steel blue ladybug, which would have been great as they eat mites, scale etc. Instead it looks like its a flea beetle which is bad news for the garden. Not sure what to do about them. Don’t want to spray and kill off any good bugs or hurt my bees. I’m hoping the coriander and borage will keep them off the other veggies, and hopefully some other bugs will predate them.

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