Prepping for Summer Crops 2015


Rain – A few spits on Saturday but clear, fine weather rest of the week
Temp – 2C to 17C
Frost – Mild most mornings with morning fog


  • Veggie Patch – Finished weeding final bed, covered in mushroom compost. Spread blood and bone.
  • Orchard – Weeded trees in chook pen and food forest, garlic growing around every tree.
  • Front Garden – Bob cat scraped and shaped. Shoveled dry billabong, berms, marked out path and trees
  • Chickens – All chickens have mites and deformed leg scales. One black and one brown hen both have bumble foot.


  • Food Forest
    • Shrubs – One currant bush well into leaf. Second currant bush dead.
    • Herbaceous Understorey – Comphrey starting to grow
    • Ground Cover – Blossoms have finished, starting to leaf
  • Orchard
    • Apple “Granny Smith” – Leaves budding but no blossoms
    • Pear “Packham” – Dog has taken branches off and chewed it down to the stump. No sign of life, will have to see if it comes back
    • Nectarine “May Grand” – Blossoms have finished, leaves starting
    • Nectarine “Dwarf” – Dwarf graft completely dead but root graft growing shoots, several blossoms and profuse leaves
    • Apple “Pink Lady” – Starting to leaf, no blossoms yet
    • Cherry “Bing” – One main branch is dead, second main branch have buds but not yet opened
    • Pear “Williams” – Looks healthy but buds not yet opened
    • Plum “Mariposa” – Very vigourous growth. Blossoms have finished and starting to leaf
    • Cherry “Van” – Some branches dead, blossoms have finished now starting to leaf
    • Plum “Satsuma” – Major branch and several offshoot branches are dead, no blossoms on healthy branch, buds unopened look ok.


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