Forest Garden Update

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on the progress of our little forest garden. It’s coming along and we’ve been doing a lot of planting. A lot of work is also going into the eternal fight with the grass. We don’t want to use a synthetic weed mat, but it seems the grass has survived under the cardboard and mulch. With the recent heat it has pushed itself through and seems to be thriving in the environment we have made for it. So we are back to the drawing board on keeping it at bay…

Firstly, here’s a shot of our view

Over the last two weekends, as well as mowing and fighting the grass in the forest, we have been busy planting. We’ve planted Tansy, Raspberry, Blueberry, Lemon Balm, Rhubarb, Lavender and some ground cover Thyme. (Thanks to the Urban Homesteading Club – Canberra for donating some of these!). Many of our fruit trees and bushes are flowering as well.

Some of the fruit trees working hard, and even a current on the white currant bush

Next weekend will probably be more of the same, although less planting and more fighting grass. It’ll be a lot easier when we finally have a house and can live here… We’ll update you on our kitchen garden soon!


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