Monday Link Heaven (on a Tuesday) – 9 October 2012

This week’s links are a juicy selection of topical subjects, sink your teeth into them!

Food Security

Professor Says Soils Are Suffering as Farmers Try to Produce More Food – This is an important issue that health planners and government needs to understand if it wants to tackle our snow-balling health crisis. We can’t wait to hear Professor John Crawford at the Mulloon Institute’s dinner and panel discussion this Saturday: “Food – The Art of Health”
Losing Ground – This is an excellent article that explains the importance of our soils. Australia has the most fragile soils in the world and our future food security relies on our ability to replenish them.
Focus on Food Literacy is Vital – Australia’s lack of ‘food literacy’ is putting our food security at risk. In addition to a lack of consumer education and understanding about food production, processing and distribution, Australia’s total government support measures for Australian agriculture are “the lowest for any developed nation on earth.” Food for thought indeed!
Land Acquired Over Past Decades Could Have Produced Food for a Billion People – It’s bad enough that we are losing our productive land here in Australia to foreign investors, speculators and production of non-food crops (e.g. bio-fuels) but the fact that the World Bank is encouraging land grabs in the poorest countries on Earth is disgusting and needs to stop!

Genes and Gut Bugs

GMO Toxins Are in Nearly All Pregnant Women and Fetuses – How can anyone believe that GMOs are safe and that GMO companies actually concerned with ‘feeding the world,’ as opposed to making the maximum amount of profits at any cost?
Genetic Roulette Movie Trailer – If you haven’t been convinced that GMOs are a dangerous and risky experiment, why not watch this movie and find out why there are so many concerns?

The Assembly of an Infant Gut Microbiome Framed Against Healthy Human Adults – This is a fascinating short video depicting 3D model growth patterns of human gut microbes from a new born human birthed vaginally to 3 years of age. This is the newest frontier in human health and wellness. Look after your microbes!


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One Response to “Monday Link Heaven (on a Tuesday) – 9 October 2012”
  1. Rohit says:

    I love coming to this site…I read in the monrnig instead of the news, gives me pride to know that I am not alone, that my other and brothers and sisters are aware! Its up to us to spread the word to the sheeple. Its not them its us…its communication! When it goes past the subgroup and into main stream, its no longer tin hat wearing rederick, it becomes noted, and the sheeple follow along. So many areas of concern you could become an out spoken activist, but I feel these issues all have a common theme as stated by Anonymous brother in arms….they are trying to play God! Between the chemtrails, GMO’s,& Food industry or education system, financial system, Energy and the out right lies with this belief that the govt is working for us. The govt is working against us,and promoting their own beliefs and until we become informed and united they will not change. They are scared that will become informed, and thus united in a common cause to get back to the real simplicity of human existence….treating all humans as people, protecting all humans, proactively protecting our Mother Earth, and on and on .. We are the only animals on this planet that are destroying our own environment, but its done without our true knowledge. Gain positivity in humanity …gain peace through knowledge, and become a steward of humanity and our Mother earth by doing your best everyday to spread the word as well as your positive energy to prove that we are the enlightened. I appreciate you all, I give thanks to activist post for bringing these topics to the forum…I only wish I can do more! This is my motivation…to be the best I can be , everyday! All the best to you all!

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