Monday Link Heaven – 1 October 2012

Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month, we hope you had a fabulous long weekend! This week we focus on food security and genetically modified food. We hope you get impassioned by the challenges and inspired by the potential.


Food Security

Food Security In Spotlight – Until we have a nationally endorsed food plan that takes into account the concerns and interests of all Australians there should be a moratorium on the sale of national food, water and environmental assets to foreign investors.

Vanishing Horticulture – Despite the government’s insistence that we have a ‘strong and resilient’ food system and that we should be focusing our food production efforts on Becoming Asia’s food bowl, we are far from food secure and rapidly losing our food production assets.

The Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2012 – The gross inequality in our food systems, loss of land and water ownership to multinational corporations, environmental pollution, hegemonic control over food production and distribution…. it’s not only a developing world problem, it is happening in Australia…. Occupy our food system! Get involved in the People’s Food Plan!

Myths About Industrial Agriculture – This is an excellent article in Al Jazeera by one of the heroes of the fair food movement, Dr. Vandana Shiva. We need to take note and get involved in supporting a more sustainable, equitable and holistic food system. “Industrial agriculture is an inefficient and wasteful system which is chemical intensive, fossil fuel intensive and capital intensive. It destroys nature’s capital on the one hand and society‚Äôs capital on the other, by displacing small farms and destroying health.”

Genetically Modified Food

Scientists Warm on CSIRO GM Wheat Threat – What is the CSIRO thinking??? Why is the government allowing these trials to happen without proper testing. The risk to human health and our environment is huge, for what purpose? To line the pockets of greedy multinational corporations!

Safe Food Foundation Media Release – Another article on the dangers of GM crops and the need for stronger regulations, more stringent and rigorous testing and banning of GM. The risks to our health, the environment and the resilience/sustainability of our farming communities is too high.

Diet and Health

Diet and Disease: What’s the Link? – Now I am really excited about going to the Mulloon Institute’s event “Food – The Art of Health” next weekend. This article highlights what an interesting line up of speakers/panelists will be there and its all happening in a wonderful setting with delicious food. See you there!

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