Monday Link Heaven – 24 September 2012

Welcome to another Monday Link Heaven. There’s some great food for thought so enjoy.

SBS Harvest: Bentley Community Garden – This is the first in a series of short documentaries by SBS Harvest, showing how a community garden can bring people together. From the notorious Perth “suicide towers” public housing estate, comes a new beginning for the residents – a community garden. Share the story of the Bentley Community Garden from empty lot to first Harvest in this unique web-series and plant along at home with the SBS Harvest growing guide.
Tristram Stuart: The Global Food Waste Scandal – Have you ever thought about the food you throw in the bin? Or what happens to the food in supermarkets if it’s not sold, or for that matter the food from producers that aren’t accepted by the supermarkets? The answer might shock you…
First Ever Long Term Study of Monsanto’s Roundup and Roundup Resistant Maize Brings Shocking Results – We’ve long suspected that GM foods aren’t good for our health, despite GM companies’ assurances to the contrary. However, the results of the first ever long term study of one of the main GM crops is more horrific than we could have imagined.
Humans Hunted for Meat 2 Million Years Ago – This article reveals evidence that “early man was capable of ambushing herds up to 1.6 million years earlier than previously thought.” The evolution of homo sapiens is increasingly linked to the hunt for and consumption of meat.
The World’s Shrinking Food Basket: Why It Is Critical We Increase Crop Diversity – This is an important article that highlights the dangers of losing crop diversity. It is vitally important we move away from the energy intensive, environmentally harmful and unsustainable industrial agricultural model that relies on farming vast tracts of a small number of crops. This makes the crops we rely on for food highly susceptible to environmental changes, pests, disease and fluctuating commodity prices.
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