Monday Link Heaven – 17 September 2012

Here we go, as promised, Monday Link Heaven on a Monday! Enjoy!

Food, Health and Human Evolution

What Can We Learn From the Diets of Traditional Peoples From Around the World? – Heard of Weston A Price or Pottenger’s Cats? Take a look and this video about the fascinating work of these two researchers and see how we can learn from the diets of traditional peoples from around the world.

Are Organic Foods Safer or Healthier Than Conventional Produce – Claims are being made in the media that organic is no better than conventionally grown produce based on a recent study stating there is no difference in nutritional values between organic and conventional produce. But that is not the only reason to be eating organic.

New Junk Science Study Dismisses Nutritional Value of Organic Food – Following on from my previous link about media headlines claiming that organic is no better for you than conventional produce, this article explains how false and misleading these claims are.

Alzheimer’s Could Be the Most Catastrophic Impact of Junk Food – George Monbiot is a respected commentator on health, food and agricultural issues. He highlights the growing body of research that is linking Alzheimer’s disease to our ‘modern’ diets. In fact, Alzheimer’s is being considered Type III Diabetes due to its connection to insulin dysfunction. I do disagree with Monbiot’s blanket defamation of fats. Fat from ‘clean’ sources is very important for our health. It is the processed, fake and rancid fats present in ‘modern’ foods that cause problems.

Modern Day Wheat is a ‘Chronic Poison’ Says Doctor – Another article on the dangers of wheat. This time the finger is pointed at modern wheat, manipulated and bred in the 60s and 70s to contain higher levels of gluten and gliadin (an opiate), and able to produce greater yields (albeit it with a heavier reliance on pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilisers).

Food and Politics

Confronting Corporate Power in the Food System – This is a well written and important article for all of you who care about what you eat and the farmers who grow it. Please read and contact the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance to see how you can become involved in the People’s Food Plan.


North America’s First Vertical Urban Farm is Being Built in Canada – There are some fabulous innovations in sustainable agriculture. Here is one of them, commercially viable vertical farms bringing fresh produce to urban landscapes. Surely we can do something like this in Australia.
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