Monday Link Heaven – 10 September 2012

Ummm, here are Monday’s links. Just a tad late. Still, there are some interesting articles so enjoy your Monday link heaven, on well, Saturday evening or even better, Sunday morning. Don’t worry though, next Monday’s Link Heaven will be on Monday, all things going well!

Food and Human Evolution

How Honey Made Us Human – This is a really interesting article that reports on a UNLV anthropological study, ‘The Importance of Honey Consumption in Human Evolution.’ Honey is not just an energy-dense, sweet, glucose rich food, it is also packed full of fat, protein and nutrients.

The Wide-Ranging Influence of Gut Microbes on Your Mental and Physical Health – This is a fascinating article by Dr. Mercola on current research into the effects of gut flora on human health. Gut bacteria have been shown to affect genetic expression, immune response, weight and links to chronic and acute diseases including diabetes and cancer. But did you also know that gut bacteria can manipulate your thoughts? How creepy!

Could Obesity be a Gut Reaction? – Here’s another fascinating article, this time in the Sydney Morning Herald, on research into the connection between gut flora and weight/obesity.

The Politics of Food

Rise of the Super Markets: Boutique Grocers Flourish as Shoppers Look Past the ‘Big Two’ – While doom and gloom abounds about the stranglehold the ‘big 2’ supermarkets have on fresh produce there is an exciting growth in ‘village’ style market all around Melbourne, as this article in The Age reports.

The Accidental Activist – The Australian Magazine reports on Jane Burney, the wife of a fifth generation Australian dairy farmer who has received massive support for her Facebook letter to Coles. She warns that Australia is about to be faced with milk shortages across the nation as farmers will not be able to afford to produce milk at current prices.

The Peoples Food Plan – The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance has initiated a public movement to counter the Australian Government’s heavily biased National Food Plan.

Horticulture Industry Left Abandoned as Government Fails to Intervene on Imported Potatoes from New Zealand – Australian potato farmers are angry with the government for placing almost 1.5 billion dollars of agricultural production at risk. The government has refused to block New Zealand’s request for access to Australian markets despite an insect outbreak that is devastating New Zealand’s potato crop. Read this article to find out more.

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