Monday Link Heaven – 3 September 2012

What a fabulous start to Spring! We hope you’ve been enjoying the warmer weather, sun and blossoms. Without further ado… here are this week’s links.

Diet and Health

  • Breast Milk Promotes a Different Gut Flora Growth than Infant Formula – Breast milk is so important for babies. I wonder if we will see a return to an acceptance of wet nursing for those mothers that are unable to breast feed themselves.
  • The Autism Enigma – Check this ABC 4 Corners story about ‘The Autism Enigma’ and the link with gut flora dysbiosis and our modern diets. Read the intro then click on ABCs iview link at the bottom.
  • Microbes Maketh Man – Another article about the human/microbe relationship and its importance in maintaining human health (although the ‘faeces transplant’ was a little disturbing).
  • Nursing Your Sweet Tooth: Why Sugar is Just as Addictive as Cocaine – This is a fantastic infographic about sugar consumption in the US. Our standard diets in Australia mirror those in the US so you can assume the same types of statistics.

Food Production

  • Top-10 Reasons to Eat Grass-Fed Meat – If you eat meat then this is an important article to read. Please eat grass-fed/pasture raised meat whenever possible.
  • How Food Production Impacts Water Quality – “Our water systems are currently being threatened by the crops we grow and food we produce. In many countries, agriculture is the leading source of nutrient pollution in waterways—a situation that’s expected to worsen as the global population increases and the demand for food grows.” This is why we need to drastically alter the current food system that is dominated by highly environmentally destructive industrial agriculture. Support small farmers, and sustainable farming systems.
  • Hope in a Changing Climate – This is a fantastic documentary that will fill you with hope for the future of our planet. It shows some amazing projects around the world where deserts have been converted to fertile and productive food growing areas using sustainable agricultural systems.
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