Monday Link Heaven – 20 August 2012

Another week passes and despite the freezing weather we can feel Spring just around the corner. Bring on the warmer weather! Here are this week’s links for your enjoyment.





  • Cows Eating Candy During the Drought – Current high prices on commodity crops are already having an enormous impact on food and food production. Processed ‘foods’ are mostly re-combinations of some form of corn or soy and their prices will increase as commodity crop prices keep rising. Meat will become more expensive as most are exclusively fed or ‘finished’ on grains (a completely unnatural diet for ruminants). This article from the US is horrifying in its ramifications. Because of the high corn prices, caused by the current extended drought, some US meat producers are supplementing the already artificial feed with candy! Please always choose pasture raised/ grass fed beef and lamb, and support your local farmers (its better for the animal, better for the environment and better for you).
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    Need to talk to you regarding article contributions, please email us – thanks!

    • Genevieve says:

      Hi Dina, I’ve sent you a reply to your LinkedIn message. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Genevieve

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