Monday Link Heaven – 13 August 2012

Welcome to another jam packed Monday link heaven. We have another lovely bunch of interesting articles for you fabulous Green Foodies… bon appetite!


  • Are Diet Sodas Making Us Fat? – If you are still drinking soft drinks, especially diet sodas, please read this article. Not only are diet sodas making our society fat but they are toxic time bombs doing some serious damage to our bodies.
  • Why Breakfast Cereal Should NOT Be In Your Bowl – Many people who are trying to maintain a ‘healthy’ diet may be surprised by how bad cereals are for our health. No, we’re not just talking about the sugary junk being marketed to children. Some of the most unhealthy options are the cereals being marketed to us as healthy. Read this article to find out why.
  • The World’s Most Awesome Sustainable Recipes – Green Pages has produced this great special edition that not only has delicious recipes but really interesting essays and infographics about food and sustainability.


  • Alzheimer’s is Really Just Type-3 Diabetes Research Shows – Now this is a really interesting article. More evidence that (natural) fats are a vital part of our diet and that statin drugs (to reduce cholesterol) are dangerous. Cholesterol is not the problem (the brain is mostly cholesterol). Cholesterol is the body’s way of protecting itself from systemic inflammation caused on the most part by the highly inflammatory diets that most people are eating.
  • Mysterious Honey Discovered that Kills All Bacteria Scientists Throw At It – Another scientific study confirming the astounding effectiveness and broad-spectrum antibiotic nature of manuka honey. Why are we still using toxic and increasingly ineffective chemicals on sick people when there is a mounting body of consistent and credible scientific evidence for natural less harmful alternatives?? Hmmm, follow the money… you can’t patent nature (although companies are desperately trying to).
  • Wilcannia’s Only Supermarket Closes – News like this may become increasingly common if we do not ensure Australia maintains its food security. This does not mean the government and ‘food’/agro-industrial definition that relies on increased growth of commodity crops to compete in a global economy. Real food security means that Australia has a healthy environment and food production systems that ensure each human settlement is able to access fresh and nutritious food at all times of the year.
  • Food Production and Nature: The deadly paradox of a class riven society – This article highlights the danger that the US currently faces with high levels of food insecurity caused by record droughts across the country, a heavy reliance on highly subsidized cash crops and unregulated commodities speculators circling to make a killing. Capitalism has a lot to answer for and we need to rethink our whole economic system if we are to survive in an increasingly unstable world.


  • No articles to share for this section but we did have another fabulous weekend on the block, mulching our orchard and putting in the last of our trees. Next weekend will be the last weekend for Stage 1 (Winter) and I’ll write another post with photos of our progress.
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