Monday Link Heaven

Another Monday rolls around and we have a pile of interesting articles to read. Enjoy!


  • We are just starting to get our heads around adding organ meats to our diets, actually eating heart, liver, kidneys etc. We want to overcome our distaste because we want to reduce wastage and improve our nutrition. We thought we’d start by adding a little to stews or curries so that we don’t taste it (this is our plan for the next beef rendang) but in the meantime, we might try to make this delicious chicken liver pate recipe from Nourished Kitchen.
  • It might surprise you to know that eating nuts and seeds without soaking them can have negative consequences for your health due to various toxins designed to prevent animals eating them before they sprout. Soaking is something we have yet to incorporate in our food habits, but little steps – The Benefits of Soaking Nuts and Seeds


Looks like the days of low fat hysteria may be ending and support for ‘clean’ and natural fat is growing. Here are a couple of articles making the rounds of the internet this week:

Having trouble deciding how to best eat ethically? This article from may help – We Show You How to Eat Ethically

The big supermarket price wars are having a terrible effect on our farmers despite the misleading advertising. Cheaper isn’t always better so think about the consequences of every dollar you spend. Australia cannot survive without its farmers. This article describes some of the backlash – Coles Cops Farmer Facebook Fury

Why Australia Needs a ‘People’s Food Plan’ – In response to the heavy industry bias of the government’s current National Food Plan, the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (in collaboration with other groups including the Youth Food Movement) will be developing a position paper on the People’s Food Plan for release in September 2012. Following this they will look to hold a series of meetings across the country to get feedback and input from the community. This is important, so please make your voices heard!

Fed Up With Health Messages – ”There is this strange notion that freedom of industry equals freedom of choice. The reality is different. Big food isn’t about nutrition, it’s about maximising shareholder profit. And these two things are in deadly conflict.”

Watch this video on a really cool project that we’re supporting. Generation Food is a documentary from award winning director Steve James (‘Hoop Dreams’ and ‘The Interrupters’) and bestselling author Raj Patel (‘Stuffed and Starved’ and ‘The Value of Nothing’) about the stories of people who are changing the way we eat today, so that everyone can eat tomorrow. Visit to find out more and support the project.


Not much on the Grow front (it is Winter after all) but we have been busy on our block the last couple of weekends. Most of the trees are in, the raspberries, grapes and kiwifruit are in.We had 15 cubic metres of woodchip and forest litter delivered and we’ve laid the cardboard and mulched about 1/3 of the orchard. Next week we’re putting up the trellises, putting the last two apple trees in the ground, mulching the rest of the orchard and preparing the blueberry and pumpkin patch. Then it’ll be Spring and we’ll have much more planting to do. Pictures will be coming with the next Gardening Adventures post.

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3 Responses to “Monday Link Heaven”
  1. Janine says:

    Hi Genevieve,

    I’ve been hiding liver in curry as well (I’m not quite ready to try other organ meats yet). I think chicken liver is the most mild tasting (it’s also good fried up with some onion), but the butcher I used to get it from can’t get any more, so I’ve been using duck liver which is a bit stronger. Have you found a good source for organ meats?


    • Genevieve says:

      Hi Janine! Happy Pastures at the Fyshwick Markets has pasture raised meat and organ meats (lamb, pork, chicken, beef, duck and possibly some other game meat). I’m still struggling with the taste of chicken liver let alone any other organ meat but working on it. I am enjoying the bone broth though. How are your garden plans going?

      • Janine says:

        Thanks for the tip! I haven’t been to the Fyshwick Markets yet, so I’ll have to check it out.

        I think my lemon tree is still alive and the weather is getting warmer so there is hope for my garden yet! Compost is coming along and I’m looking forward to planting some more containers in Spring. We’re in a townhouse at the moment, so keeping everything mobile for when we get something bigger in a few years. Looking forward to seeing the progress on your block, in the meantime, off to check out this weeks links…

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