Monday Link Heaven – 9 July 2012

Welcome to another Monday Link Heaven and we’re serving up some more interesting articles… enjoy!


  • Cod Liver Oil: The Number One Superfood – I have been researching nutrition and food again to figure out what I am missing in my diet to account for the dry skin, acne, and the last little bit of stubborn weight. I think I have found the missing piece of the puzzle. This is a great article about the amazing benefits of taking cod liver oil (and good quality butter). Gramma’s daily dose was right on the money!
  • Bread Dread: Are you really gluten intolerant? – I received this link from one of our readers and it makes for a fascinating read… can we really eat bread once more??? What does this mean for a paleo diet? (Note: this article doesn’t contain references but it is an interesting piece none-the-less).
  • Are Traditionally Prepared Grains Healthy? – Following on from the previous link, here’s what Primal/Paleo blogger Mark Sisson says about fermented grain. Good to know grain is not considered the anti-christ when it is properly treated and I will be able to experiment once I am happy that my body has healed from years of eating improperly treated grain.
  • Honey or Cough Medicine – Honey is the best medicine to help children fight off a cough and in a double blind study “easily outperformed a cough suppressant widely used in commercial treatments.”


  • Modernisation has Ruined the Health of Maori – This is an interesting article discussing traditional Maori health and diet and the negative effects of the modern diet on New Zealand’s Maori. No references and a few generalisations but food for thought non-the-less.
  • Is the Meat You Are Eating Being Fed Animal Faeces? – This is a disturbing article about what animals are being fed in industrial feeding lots (does the term ‘chicken litter’ mean anything to you?). I hope this isn’t happening in Australia!!
  • The Forces Against Health in Australia – Australian Professor Ian Brighthope MD, Professor of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, slams health practice in Australia saying it “is still focused on treatment of disease as opposed to its prevention and the optimization of health.”
  • Woollies Accused by Food Suppliers – This is another reason not to shop at the supermarkets. This article from The Age reports that “suppliers to Woolworths claim they have been given two weeks to cut their prices by up to 10per cent or have their goods removed from  shelves — with no commitment from the supermarket giant to lower prices to consumers.” Ridiculous!!!
  • What Really Makes us Fat? – This article provides yet more evidence that conventional assumptions about diet and obesity are wrong. Obesity is not predicated by the amount of calories ingested versus the amount burnt, it has everything to do with the quality of the calorie and how it reacts in our bodies. It is not fats but carbohydrates that cause obesity (yes that includes grains, even the ‘healthy’ grains). Bacon and butter I am more in love with you day by day!


  • Still working on our garden plan. Looks like we’ll start planting this weekend. Should have the plan finished by Wednesday. Unless the lurgy that’s been stalking us comes back, although I’m blowing it out of the water with fermented cod liver oil and super mega vitamin doses.

‘Till next week!

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  1. dixiebelle says:

    Hey Gen, have you found a source of fermented cod liver oil in Australia?

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