Food for Thought – A Vegan’s Journey

Hello Greenfoodies!

It has been a while I know, apologies.  As we all know life can get a little bit crazy, but winter (especially over the holidays) is a good time for rest, contemplation and reconnection.  With this in mind, I was very thrilled to have recently discovered a Townsville based group called ‘Food for Thought’ via Facebook.  ‘Food for Thought’ runs in synchronicity with Permaculture Townsville (also on Facebook) and was initiated by Diana Condylis who wanted a relaxed forum to share food and food philosophy.  The group meets every month to share produce, recipes and discussions.

I was fortunate to attend a meeting for the first time last night at Umbrella Studios on Flinders Street.  What struck me first was the warm and welcoming atmosphere of all the members, and of course the table full of home cooked food made from home grown produce!  There was even some mulled wine, a perfect, warm complement to the delicious winter feast.  Diana began the meeting with a discussion starter on the sovereignty of food and the grocery store giants’ monopoly of food.  It became very clear that everyone in the room was very passionate about the origins of their food, environmental sustainability, health and the welfare of future generations . This discussion was followed by round robin introductions by all members of the group.

There was such a diversity of people in the room, with different backgrounds and philosophies on food.  There was the fledgling raw vegan, waste nothing meat eater, vegetarians, herbalists, teachers, naturopaths, brewers, home makers…you get the picture!  What was also surprising to me, was the large percentage of men in the group, which is a blight on my part as I had stereotyped in my mind the make-up of members of the group.  So I apologise to the men of the group, however I did find it heartening to see them there, especially the couples, as it highlighted how important partnership is in creating a better world.   Also children were welcome to attend, which added to the sense of community and family.

My delicious haul!

Finally, produce and seedlings that members had brought from their own garden was shared (pictured is my portion of produce), which met with the same excitement as Christmas morning!  There was such beautiful variety and abundance, and the important value of sharing prosperity was fostered.  We were also invited to attend the Permaculture Townsville meeting this Sunday, which I will probably attend, and blog to you about!  All in all, it was a great evening and I was thrilled to be in the company of such like minded, intelligent and passionate people.   I look forward to the next meeting, where I’ll be able to contribute to the produce and meal sharing.  Many thanks to the ‘Food for Thought’ community!


Sante! (To your health)

Zoe Carriere

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