Monday Link Heaven

Ok, so the Sunday link post has now become Monday’s weekly link update. Whatever the day it makes for some interesting reading.



  • Genetic Engineers Explain Why GE Food is Dangerous – If you believe what the GMO industry tells you about the safety and effectiveness of GMO crops/food then you may be upset to learn that even prominent genetic engineers and scientists are saying GM food is dangerous and harmful to human health and the environment.
  • Dishing up the Dirt that is Good to Consume – Interesting article in The Age about the hyper cleanliness of our food and how that is contributing to massive increases in allergies. Moral of the story… Eat Dirt! Or at least stop using antibacterial soaps and industrial grade chemicals in your homes!
  • The Dark Side of Wheat – If you think eating wheat is ok because you don’t have any noticeable reactions, think again. This article provides an excellent summary of why wheat is bad for ‘all’ humans (and cows) and is backed by solid scientific evidence.


  • No links for ‘grow’ this week, but I can let you know that we are currently finalising designs for our garden and food forest/forest garden, researching plant guilds and getting to know the plants we are planning to plant. Well, I guess there are links after all.

Until next week, enjoy your taste of GreenFoodie!

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4 Responses to “Monday Link Heaven”
  1. Janine says:

    Hi Genevieve,

    Some interesting links – thanks for sharing!

    I’ve been enjoying a little raw honey with cooked foods to add enzymes. Particularly enjoying the Yellow Box and Stringybark honeys from Honey Delight at the Capital Region Farmers Market.

    Here’s another perspective on the wheat issue –, although I don’t know if traditional preparation of grains addresses all of the issues raised in the article you linked to.

    Are you still on the paleo diet? How are you going with it? I can’t seem to stomach protein first thing in the morning and love my porridge! What do you have for breakfast as a paleo?


    • Genevieve says:

      Wow Janine, that was a great article!! I’ve reposted it on Facebook and will link to it in this week’s link update. This has certainly sparked my interest in how grains treated this way could be considered in a paleo diet. I’m also sending that article to Mark Sisson at Mark’s Daily Apple to see what the paleo community thinks about it. Sonoma also supplies Canberra so I might experiment with them as soon as I am happy with my health.

      The paleo diet (or lifestyle) is going well. I am feeling healthier as the weeks go by, my hay fever/allergies, IBS and other gut issues have cleared up but a bit disappointed that my skin still isn’t great or that I still have a last stubborn bit of excess weight/cm that isn’t shifting. I’ve been researching and trying different things. I’ve added fish oil capsules, kelp tablets for their iodine to supplement the diet on top of ‘vital greens’ and have noticed an increase in energy but nothing much else after 2 months. Now I’m trying Cod Liver Oil and High Vitamin Butter after reading this excellent article also from Nourished Magazine – I should get it next week and I’ll keep you posted on its effects. The Australian supplier seems great too –

      I love cooked breakfasts on the weekend, yummy bacon and eggs or bacon and parsley omelette. This weekend David cooked some grain-free banana pancakes and they were pretty delicious. Here’s the recipe – Most mornings I love my berry smoothies. We make enough for two with half a banana (the other half is for baby William’s breakfast) and a handful each of almonds and walnuts, a couple of brazil nuts, some coconut oil, psyllium husk, lots of frozen berries and a bit of water. I think David also puts protein powder in as well (not particularly paleo though). I used to love my winter porridges too!


    • Genevieve says:

      Hi again Janine, just popped into Mark’s Daily Apple to see if he’d written about fermented grain and he has… here is the article Good to know that he seems to support traditional preparation of grain. Looking forward to experimenting as soon as I’m happy with my health!

    • Janine says:

      Hi Genevieve,

      Thanks for such a comprehensive reply and even more great links!

      I really liked Mark’s view on grains. I’ll keep looking around his website and experimenting with reducing the grains in my diet.

      It sounds like you’ve had some really good results from living paleo style so don’t be discouraged by that last little bit of weight. It might be water retention (have a look at magnesium) or maybe the body will just take a while to accept that its getting enough good fats and can drop those remaining stores (cod liver oil and butter sounds good).

      Similarly, the skin issues might take a while to clear after the gut issues are sorted, or could be related to some other irritant. I’ve traced most of my skin issues to water related things – specifically hot water, fluoride consumption (which also interferes with my iodine uptake), dehydration (which magnesium seems to be helping with), and probably also chlorine. Will you be on Bungendore town water when you move?

      Thanks for the breakfast ideas 🙂


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