Forest Gardening – Another Fantastic Workshop by the Mulloon Institute

This post is a little late but we are happy to share our latest wonderful experience at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms. Last weekend fortnight we enjoyed two fantastic days learning about forest gardening from expert Dan Harris-Pascal of Seed Head Designs. Our motley group of 10 attendees were graciously hosted by Sue and Danny O’Brien in their lovely home at Mulloon Creek. Danny kept us happy and well fed with a delicious selection of home cooked treats and meals.

The mornings were spent thawing out indoors in front of the fire while Dan taught us about forest ecology and design strategies, understanding and designing succession and creating guilds. In the afternoons we braved the outdoors and soaked up some sun with practical exercises on site survey and site design, plant selection, how to plant and plant propagation. We then rolled up our sleeves, grabbed an assortment of gardening tools and put our knowledge into practice by building a forest garden for Sue and Danny.

Starting the forest garden

The finished garden

It was a fantastic couple of days that has given us the knowledge we needed to design our own forest garden for our new home in Bungendore. We will post our design and plans soon. If you get the chance to visit Mulloon Creek Natural Farms, or attend a forest gardening workshop, we highly recommend that you take the opportunity.

Here are a few of our favourite photos of the weekend.


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4 Responses to “Forest Gardening – Another Fantastic Workshop by the Mulloon Institute”
  1. Janine says:

    Sounds great! So does your new home in Bungendore. I’m thinking of doing something similar and will be interested to see your progress. How have you found the building process so far? Will David have to commute in to Canberra for work?

    • Genevieve says:

      Hi Janine,

      It was fantastic! We haven’t even started building yet. Still waiting for Council approval after we resubmitted with their changes. Our good friends are building two doors down and they are already onto first fit. The waiting is frustrating. David will be commuting either to Canberra or just outside Bungendore (we’ll know for sure next month when postings are out). It only takes half an hour to Canberra and is a nice drive. Can’t wait to move (hopefully by October) but in the meantime we’re fine tuning our garden plans and should be ready to plant the bare root orchard trees in the next couple of weeks. We’ll post our plans soon. Good luck with your plans!


      • Janine says:

        Hi Genevieve,

        Hopefully the house will go up quickly once you have approval, and at least in the meantime you can make some progress in the garden. How exciting! Good luck with it all. I’ll keep an eye out for your garden plans.



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