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We spend a lot of time surfing the web and reading endless articles, searching through online resources and trolling facebook and twitter pages to continually build our knowledge. We share a lot of these articles via our facebook page and twitter feed but I thought I would put them together in a quick post each weekend once I’ve read through it all.

So here we go… grab a coffee and happy interwebbing…


This great infographic shows what we are inadvertently putting into our bodies, fillet of plastique anyone?… “Oceans of Garbage: Why people are eating their own trash

Found this great recipe for chocolate and coconut mud cake with yummy chocolate frosting (all paleo friendly and super healthy of course!!). Haven’t cooked it yet but it is definitely on the must test list. The Finger Fork Knife website looks like a treasure trove of great recipes.


Here’s a great article that does a good job of explaining the paleolithic diet and some of the reasons for our transition to this lifestyle… “Why eating like we did 20,000 years ago may be the way of the future

More and more Australians are concerned about the food we buy and where it comes from. Could European style weekly fresh food markets be a viable alternative to the supermarket monopoly? Here’s an interesting article from The Age.

And another one from The Age about how ‘fresh food’ has changed with the rise of supermarkets, customer demand for ‘good looking’ food and the swing towards tasty and nutritious food… “What they do to food.”

Here is an interesting graph that shows the trends in overweight, obesity and extreme obesity among adults aged 20-74 years in the US from 1960-2008. See what happens from 1977 when the US Government issued its first dietary recommendations: “Eat less fat and cholesterol, and more carbohydrates.” Hmmm!

This is a great article about ‘why a high fat diet is healthy and safe‘ from one of our favourite blogs, Mark’s Daily Apple.


Last weekend we participated in a brilliant course hosted by the Mulloon Institute at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms, learning how to design and create a food forest, also called forest garden. I still have to write a post about it but read this Wikipedia entry on forest gardens to learn more about this fantastic and highly productive system for growing a high diversity of food.


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  1. Kate Olsson says:

    Thanks for the little shout out! You’re support is greatly appreciated and brings a smile to my face! Happy cooking, baking and eating. Kate x

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