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Preparing for Frosts 2012

There is not much to report from the garden as Winter sets in. We haven’t done much gardening at all this season, although David did manage to build a frost shelter to protect our citrus and surprisingly abundant if a bit bitter celery crop. He used six star pickets, irrigation pipe and greenhouse tarp. It’s a pretty solid structure and successfully protected our plants from the usual post ANZAC Day frosts and huge arctic wind blasts that punctuate Canberra’s Autumn.

One thing we are excited about is our beautiful block in Bungendore. The native plants that we thought were killed during last Winter’s frosts have bounced back and are growing well. David spent a day mowing the lawn while William and I soaked up the sun and played on a picnic blanket, my idea of heaven (and David’s who loves pottering around outside). I can’t wait until we can do this every day. Isn’t it funny how a bit of land can make someone so happy!

We’ve also started our much anticipated compost pile. We fill up little buckets of vege scraps through the week and then take a drive out to the block to grow our compost pile, one bucket at a time. I know its only compost but its our compost and a start to gardening on our own patch of dirt.

This Winter will be dedicated to tending our compost pile and learning as much as we can about permaculture, food forests and chickens in preparation for our move. To kick us off we’re attending a two-day food forest course this weekend hosted by the Mulloon Institute at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms just outside Bungendore. We can’t wait to start some serious planning for our own backyard food forest. We’ll keep you posted.

Our much loved compost pile

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