Weekend Interwebbing

We spend a lot of time surfing the web and reading endless articles, searching through online resources and trolling facebook and twitter pages to continually build our knowledge. We share a lot of these articles via our facebook page and twitter feed but I thought I would put them together in a quick post each weekend once I’ve read through it all.

So here we go… grab a coffee and happy interwebbing…


I love this recipe for Primal Chicken Tikka Masala from Mark’s Daily Apple. I cooked it today for lunches this week!

We recently started following Paleo Australia’s Blog. They are a great resource for great recipes.


Next weekend we are doing a food forest course at the Mulloon Institute, just outside of Bungendore NSW. A food forest is exactly that, food bearing plants grown to mimic nature… Check out the course details on their website and we might even see you there!

Here’s a great article from The Age highlighting the growing number of Aussies embracing¬† a paleo lifestyle.


Today’s episode of Gardening Australia on ABC featured a number of farmers embracing permaculture principles and producing great organic food and selling directly to us at farmers markets around Australia. Worth a watch for some gardening inspiration!

Blast from the past

Zoe’s story about her vegan life and all it’s challenges

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