Kitchen Cabinet Sunday Lunch: Goat and Chestnuts

Courtyard at Old Parliament House

Last Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day, the trees blazed with flame coloured leaves and a cloudless blue sky stretched from horizon to horizon. The air was crisp with Autumn chill, softened around the edges by the warm sun. What a perfect day for a Sunday lunch to celebrate the tastes of Autumn in the courtyard of Old Parliament House.

Every month, the Kitchen Cabinet hosts a Sunday lunch to celebrate the seasonal and local produce from the region surrounding our nation’s capital. I’ve posted about the first lunch that David, William and I attended here.

This Sunday Lunch the smell of chestnuts roasting on a fire, goat legs roasting on a spit and sounds of a traditional Greek folk band transported us to an idyllic Greek afternoon and we instantly soaked up the fantastic atmosphere. This is how life should be enjoyed!

A fantastic menu was prepared for guests to celebrate Autumn, chestnut season and goats. After the chestnut roasting demonstration by local chestnut farmers Sassafrass Nuts (sorry no website), a beautiful, silky, earthy and slightly sweet entree of chestnut soup was served followed by the main course.

The star of the show was spit roasted legs of goat marinaded in mandarin and rosemary jus. This was accompanied by a bistro of slow cooked stifado of capretto (goat stew, yum and I don’t normally like stews), a Greek salad (feta, tomato, olive, cucumber and oregano), beetroot dressed with capers and red wine vinegar, potato salad, mixed leaf salad and fresh baked sour dough breadrolls.

Dessert was delicious, chestnut pannacotta with honey roasted apples and quince. It was a deeply enjoyable and relaxing afternoon. Cudos to the fabulous chef Janet Jeffs for such fabulous food and beautiful atmosphere. Thank you to Sandra and Tony Greville of Capricious at Tarago (sorry no website) for their delectable goat and to Alison Saunders and Richard Moxham from Sassafrass Nuts for their chestnuts and chestnut roasting demonstration.

If you get the chance while you are in Canberra, book a Kitchen Cabinet Sunday Lunch, you won’t be disappointed. The next one is a Shiraz tasting feast. See you there.

Chestnut roasting in the courtyard

Chef Janet Jeffs and her marvelous spit roasted goats legs

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