Peak Everything and Why We’re Trying to Live Sustainably

The video below offers an easy to understand and entertaining explanation of the swiftly approaching low energy future. It highlights how our current civilisations are based on a model of perpetual growth, exploding populations, and a reliance on petrochemicals, industry and industrial agriculture. This reliance on exponential growth has worked for us in the past but we are swiftly approaching the apex and the downhill slope is looking very slippery. Peak oil, coal and gas, peak economic growth, peak industrial agricultural output, the unsustainable way of living that we are all used to and its resulting environmental destruction paints an alarming picture.

With such a bleak future to look forward to we could lapse into a state of petrified stupor, pretend none of this is happening and join all the other ostriches with their heads in the sand, stand on the streets crying “the apocalypse is nigh” or….. plan for the worst and look at the bright side. Moving to a small country town near a large metropolitan centre, creating and establishing ourselves in a community, building our house and establishing our food garden, reducing our environmental impact and living more sustainably forms part of our plan to manage the risk of humanity’s unsustainable lifestyle. Even if the sky doesn’t fall down, the benefits of living such a connected, simpler and sustainable life are better by far and the lifestyle is much more attractive to us.

On the brighter side, this so called ‘collapse’ could result in a simpler, cleaner, more sustainable, more connected way of life, amazing innovations that benefit people and the planet, and other exciting developments that we can’t yet imagine. Either way, a simpler, more connected and sustainable life is something I’m striving for and something to look forward to.


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