CrossFit, Muffins and ANZAC Biscuits – being healthy never tasted or felt so good!

Well, it has been a busy month settling into family life now that David is back home. The transition from our Standard Australian Diet to a mostly paleolithic diet has gone pretty smoothly although there are the usual stumbles, dark chocolate being the main culprit (we’ve all got to have some guilty pleasures otherwise life would be boring). I find that I crave bread, pasta and sweats much less than I used to. When I do partake, I get the gluten/sugar hangover that leaves me bloated, uncomfortable, tired, more absent-minded than usual and cranky… not really worth it.

I seem to have plateaued physically since my initial weight/cm loss and my energy levels were pretty low most of the month. I must admit I’m feeling frustrated, I thought I would get better results from such a drastic lifestyle change. Eating/drinking ‘super greens’ (spirulina, chlorella and a whole heap of veges in a powder) doesn’t seem to help that much, which is a shame because I had really positive results with it while I was pregnant (more energy, little to no sugar cravings).

As synchronicity would have it, my mother called one morning two weeks ago to tell me about some information she had read about iodine. Straight after that conversation this article appeared in my emailbox,’Iodine May Be the Critical Mineral for Weight Loss, Energy and Beauty,’ and one of the bloggers I follow, Mark from Mark’s Daily Apple, wrote an article on ‘Five Common Nutrient Deficiencies,’ with iodine featuring at number one.

If that’s not the Universe telling me to pay attention I don’t know what is! So, that day I promptly went to the health food store and bought some kelp tablets. I’ve been taking kelp regularly now for 2 weeks and I have started to notice my energy levels have increased (despite my unsettled baby). I might try increasing the amount from 240mcg in one tablet to 4 tablets a day (just under the recommended safe upper limit for iodine intake, although the Japanese eat 25 times that amount without evidence of iodine toxicity according to the above article).

Also helping with my energy levels and mood is a new found enjoyment of exercise… CrossFit. David had been doing CrossFit while he was away for 4 months and he was much fitter, stronger and slimmer when he got back. I’d started to look into CrossFit through my interest in the paleo/primal lifestyle. I was attracted to CrossFit because of the positive supportive community that it seems to attract, the fact that it focuses on elite and generalised fitness, and that it is scalable to those like me who are starting from a very low level of fitness. David found a CrossFit gym so that he could keep training and encouraged me to give it a go. I now have a fantastic personal trainer, Ky at CrossFit 2600 and I’m really enjoying the training sessions, they are tough but satisfying. I already feel fitter than I have in a very long time, after only 4 sessions once a week.

Here is what CrossFit 2600 says about CrossFit:

CrossFit is not a specialised fitness program but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in ten varied domains (cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy) which, in our view, make up fitness. The CrossFit program enhances an individual’s competency at all physical tasks using running, rowing, gymnastics, Olympic lifting, skipping, band and tyre work to name just a few. Our members are trained to be successful at multiple, diverse and randomized physical tasks so as to be better prepared for the different challenges encountered in everyday life. CrossFit 2600 members are trained to work all aspects of fitness not just strengths, which is the key to achieving results. CrossFit training caters for everybody. It meets the training demands of the military, police personnel and fire-fighters and is applicable and beneficial for athletes in any sport yet can be scaled to also be suitable for a complete beginner. Regardless of fitness or training background, all members perform the same workout; the load and intensity is scaled to fit each member’s ability allowing people at all fitness levels to train together. The sense of community that this creates is indescribable and second to none; it is an amazing catalyst for setting and achieving new fitness goals.

My goals are to increase my general fitness while I’m breastfeeding and ramp it up after I’ve stopped breastfeeding. I’d love to be super fit so I can do lots of different types of activities: adventure racing, endurance hikes, the Kokoda Trail, horse riding, mountain biking, white water kayaking, that kind of thing. It would also be fun to be able to lift heavy weights and do gymnastics (muscle ups on the rings for example, or even arial acrobatics). Life is meant to be fun and what is more fun than adventures!

Speaking of fun and enjoying life, I’m so happy to have discovered some great recipes that allow me to indulge in baking, something I didn’t think I’d be doing with this new lifestyle. Now I can lick the bowl to my hearts content and share the love with those I love, knowing that I’m giving them something that is full of healthy goodness as well as yumminess. Behold paleo ANZAC biscuits that actually taste like the real thing or my favourite, the moistest carrot muffin with honey marscapone/cream cheese frosting (did I mention it was totally grain free?). Cook, enjoy and share.

Tastes like the real thing

Grain Free Carrot Muffin with Honey and Marscapone Frosting

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