National Farmers Federation – Blueprint for Australian Agriculture

I have just completed a survey that will be used to develop a Blueprint for Australian Agriculture by key industry stake holders. If you care about what you eat and how it is produced, have your say and fill in the survey! This is what the website says:

“The Blueprint for Australian Agriculture aims to bring together all with an interest in, or involvement with, agriculture to help shape its future direction. Farmers, transporters, retailers, consultants, rural businesses, agribusinesses, educators, governments, rural communities, community groups and consumers are all invited to take part. After all, as the saying goes: if you eat, you’re a partner in farming.

The Blueprint is about giving you the opportunity to have your say on the issues and challenges facing the agricultural sector and its supply chain now and in the future, and your thoughts on the opportunities and solutions to achieving a strong and sustainable future.

The Blueprint is an initiative of the NFF, Westpac and Woolworths, and once developed, will map out where we as an industry want to go and how we are going to get there. And to do so, we need your help.”

Here’s what I wrote for the question that asked how I envisioned the Australian Agricultural sector would look in 2050…

  • Most Australian farmers taking great pride in their environmentally sustainable and ethical farming practices
  • Smaller scale farms supplying local areas with seasonal produce
  • No imported produce unless Australian farmers cannot supply demand for some reason
  • Farms requiring high level inputs of petro-chemicals, large-scale mono-cropping and other agro-industrial farming in the minority and increasingly unpopular
  • More people moving back onto the land and into rural areas as farming and food production becomes a healthy, satisfying and economically viable life/career choice for people
  • Consumers avoid highly processed food in favour of fresh produce and whole foods

How do you see Australian Agriculture in 2050? What issues do you think we need to focus on now? Let the National Farmers Federation know what is important to you and we might just start seeing a massive shift away from agro-industrial model (I am obviously assuming that you are a GreenFoodie, or at least considering some form of it!)

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