Oh Dear! My Sugar Addiction Strikes – A GreenFoodie’s Eating Adventures

Oh dear! I have fallen of the wagon this last week and I am paying for it! Last fortnight I indulged my love of pizza and had takeaway (gourmet). I expected to be slapped in the face with irritable bowels but only had mild symptoms, phew! I was deflated by my measurements though. Upper arm circumference was still unchanged, upper thigh circumference up by 4cm (umm… what the??), hips up by 5cm (again… WTF??), abdomen and waist up by a couple of centimeters. I suspect the gluten may have bloated me and maybe I was retaining water? Surely I couldn’t have increased muscle size or laid down that much more fat in one week? Surprisingly my body fat percentage went down (3%) and so did my weight (.2 kg is still a loss!) so it wasn’t all terrible.

House Thai = Yum!

This week I have been craving sugar and carbs like a rabid beast. I caved on Sunday night at an awesome restaurant in Sydney. You like Thai? Then you really should try House Thai. The atmosphere was fantastic but more importantly the food was authentic Northeastern Thai street food, and totally delicious. I had the green papaya salad with deep fried anchovies and dried prawns and deep fried marinated pork with spicy sauce. Definitely hot hot hot but worth the pain. I wasn’t so worried about the deep fried bits but there is quite a bit of sugar in Thai food, to balance out the salt and bitter flavours.

Thinking I might as well make the most of a great restaurant, and to celebrate a night in Sydney, I had a Pimms and lemonade. That was the first alcoholic beverage I’ve had in over a year! Not to mention the liquid sugar with a shot of sugar. Then, why not go for broke, I had an absolutely delicious dessert of toasted brioche, pandan cococonut icecream, drizzled in palm sugar caramel. Can anyone spell H.E.A.V.E.N? I left buzzing from a great meal, so tasty and spicy  (not to mention the buzz from the sugar and alcohol flying around my body).

Ah what the heck, life is about enjoyment and there’s always the 80/20 rule. On top of that my body measurements went down to their previous levels and my weight and body fat percentage held steady. Unfortunately, it seems I’m a sugar junky and the sugar hit has reignited those nasty cravings. Yesterday and today I ate dark chocolate covered berries (of course I justified to myself their health benefits… fruit is healthy, so is dark chocolate). Needless to say I went a little overboard. Now I feel disgusting. I have generalised aches and pains, I feel so heavy and totally lethargic. The usual sugar induced mouth ulcers have flared up, along with addicts remorse. I am now dreading my weekly measure-in.

So delicious.... so bad!!!

Just to be even more cheerful, sugar has been in the news recently with reports that it is as toxic to human health as alcohol and tobacco and should be regulated in the same way. See this news article with video clip from the Today show. I just finished reading an excellent article about the research into sugar, the problems it causes with insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and its connection to cancer. You can read this article here. There is even research that suggests sugar is more addictive than cocaine, read the Huffington Post article here.

You might be horrified to learn that the cravings may not even be your own. Over-growths of yeast, fungi or bacteria can alter your behaviour and cause you to crave sugar. Read this article for a good overview. The treatment for getting rid of these nasties? Get rid of sugar (that means battling with the bug induced cravings), take good quality pro-biotics and even take an anti-fungal medication. See this article for more info. Here’s another great article from Body and Soul about the causes of sugar cravings and what can be done to address them.

Hmmm, it seems I have a fight on my hands to kick this sugar habit and kill the cravings. Wish me luck…. now where is that bottle of pro-biotics?

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