Opposition to Coal Seam Gas Mining is Increasing

Opposition to coal, mineral and coal seam gas (CSG) mining is stepping up in NSW as it increasingly threatens Australia’s food security. Over half of NSW, including its most productive food growing regions, is covered by titles for coal, mineral or CSG exploration or production.

This week the Sydney Food Fairness Alliance held a forum on ‘Undermining Our Food Bowls – how CSG and mining are threatening future food.’ The meeting was well attended and chaired by SBS TV personality Costa Geordiadis. It featured presentations by Tom Duddy from the Caroona Coal Action Group, Rosemary Nankivel, another Liverpool Plains farmer and organiser of the successful blockage against Santos, and Helen Redmond from Doctors for the Environment.

Duddy outlined how CSG is threatening one of Australia’s most productive agricultural lands, the Liverpool Plains. Nankivel gave an account of the community blockade against Santos, CSG mining company while Redmond explained the implications of CSG mining on the health of the environment and on human health.

Green Left Weekly has reported on the proceedings here.

GreenFoodie vehemently condemns mining of any form in environmentally sensitive areas, urban areas and especially in Australia’s agriculturally productive regions. Please support Australia’s farmers and farming communities opposed to the destruction of Australia’s farmlands and the dangerous threat to Australia’s food security.

For more information on community opposition to CSG mining visit the following sites:



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