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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written about my gardening, mainly because I haven’t been doing much except watering on the days it hasn’t been raining. It’s a bit more difficult to spend time out in the garden while David is away and baby William takes up much of my time. In response to some serious neglect the garden was starting to look like a jungle, actually it was looking more like a dump and becoming an embarrassing eye-sore.

My nemesis - the Green Vegetable Bug

I almost needed a machette to hack my way through to the veges that were thankfully and quite surprisingly producing well. That is except for the poor snow peas who have been annihilated by the dreaded and stinky green vegetable bug. They did so well last year, I don’t know why they’ve succumbed to bugs this year. Might have something to do with the potatoes we planted that seem to attract the bugs like flies on the proverbial. Actually, this is probably the first and last time we’ll plant potatoes since I’m now on the ‘Primal’ diet and carbs are on the list of banned substances. This would have devastated me if it weren’t for the lashings of fat that I am happily eating… bacon is now my delicious friend!

Anyway, back to my backyard jungle. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed every time I stepped outside. It didn’t help that I had dandelions as tall as me sprouting everywhere despite my fitful weeding, nor was it a good sign when the thorny weeds had trunks instead of stalks! I had avoided pulling out the heart-ease because it was so pretty but the plants really were getting out of control. Things were looking quite bleak, at least I was feeling quite bleak about the whole mess.

A Forest of Dandelions

Just before the weeds completely choked the life out of my garden, my backyard was rescued by the most unassuming superhero, Wayne. Wayne is the father of my good friend. He and his wife were in Canberra to help while my friend was having her second baby. They popped around one day last week and despite my embarrassed protests, insisted on helping me too. The very next day Wayne was at the door. Apparently, by the time I realised he was even here, he’d already been weeding the front garden for 30 minutes!

He worked solidly all morning and had whipped through the front yard in no time. I felt guilty while he worked like a draught horse and I kept trying to ply him with food and drink. He accepted some morning tea and lunch but nothing else. After lunch I had to take William to the pool and then I had an appointment with the builder of our home in Bungendore. Wayne said he wanted to keep going so I left him to do battle with the backyard.

In a series of unfortunate events (including the car dying twice and a new battery) we were home late and Wayne had gone back to my friend’s house. I raced out to the back to see what my vege garden looked like. What I saw floored me totally. In the space of one day Wayne had not only weeded the front but the entire back garden and the sides of the house! Not a weed to be seen, anywhere! The man was a machine! I can’t tell you how lovely it was to walk amongst my plants without being swamped by weeds.

Now every time I go out into the garden I breathe in the aroma of tomatoes, mint and basil instead of choking on tufts of dandelion fluff. I feel at peace again and I always utter a little thank you to Wayne, the Superhero who rescued the backyard and gave me back my paradise. Thank you Wayne!!!

My little patch of paradise


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