Fabulous 2012 Events in Canberra

2012 looks like a fantastic year for all GreenFoodies in Canberra. Here’s a ‘taste’ of the events that I know of. I will try to get to as many as I can and I’ll let you know what they were like. If you know of any other greenfoodie events in Canberra and the Capital Region let me know.

February – Summerside Festival (Canberra and Surrounds)

February 10-12 – National Multicultural Festival (Canberra City)

February 17-19 – Food and Wine Expo (Canberra City)

March 31 – Canberra Harvest Festival (Canberra)

April 14-15 – Canberra District Wine Harvest Festival (Canberra and Surrounds)

July – Capital Country Truffle Festival (Canberra and Surrounds)

August – Fireside Festival (Canberra and Surrounds)

September 15 – October 14 – Floriade (Canberra)



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