Holistic Management and Decision Making Course – Cooma

I am happy to announce another TAFE course in Holistic Management and Decision Making that is being run in Cooma by George Gundry, Accredited Consultant and Educator for the Savory Institute’s Holistic Management™.

The course involves 8 x 2 day modules in Cooma beginning the first week of February. It will cover all aspects of both development and implementation of:

  • Holistic biological monitoring and ecosystem processes
  • Holistic Goal setting and testing
  • Holistic Wealth Creation and Financial Planning
  • Holistic Grazing Planning
  • Holistic Land Planning

This course is excellent value at only $231, which includes all the manuals, texts, CDs, the x16 days of face2face learning and much more!

Contact George for more information on 02 4844 6223 or 0407 299 214 or find him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ggunders

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