Holistic Management and Decision Making Course

I am happy to announce that Paul Griffiths, Accredited Consultant and Educator for the Savory Institute’s Holistic Management™ is offering his course in Holistic Management and Decision Making for 2012.

Comments from last year’s course:

  • D’ya know? If I had done this Holistic Management Planning before, I would have saved myself months and months of work – Ed.”Strapper” Lay (from Molong)
  • If I had done this course before, I could have spent much more leisure and family time rather than argue about decisions because we never wrote them down – Merle Ostini (from Ophir)
  • The Holistic Management model and decision-testing questions will save us enormous amounts of time and money – and improve our life-style immeasurably – Richard McIntosh (also from Molong)

The course involves 8 x 2 day modules at the TAFE NSW Western Institute in Orange beginning in February. It will cover all aspects of both development and implementation of :

  • Holistic biological monitoring and ecosystem processes
  • Holistic Goal setting and testing
  • Holistic Wealth Creation and Financial Planning
  • Holistic Grazing Planning
  • Holistic Land Planning

This course is excellent value at only $231, which includes all the manuals, texts, CDs, the x16 days of face2face learning and much more!

Contact Paul for more information on +61 2 9144 3975 or email him at paul@reasontospeak.com

This is a course I would dearly love to attend but alas I’m unable… Any chance of coming to Canberra Paul?

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