Choku Bai Jo in Canberra

Thanks to my fabulous chiropractor, Ginninderra Chiropractic, I found out that there is a fruiterer and green grocer in Canberra that sells only locally grown organic produce. It mirrors the traditional Japanese choku bai jo (direct selling place), selling fruit and vegetables that have been picked fresh every morning. Visit their website @ Choku Bai Jo.

The shop is open 2pm-7pm Monday to Friday (and 8am-1pm Saturday), this allows fresh produce to be picked every morning for the shop. They were featured in the Stateline story on local food miles, shown below. I’m looking forward to visiting the store and talking to the owner, who also helped set up Canberra’s Farmers Markets.


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  1. Sonali says:

    Hi Genevieve, reading through your website tonight and enjoying it thoroughly. Can’t wait to get my organic fruit and veg from Choku Bai Jo. Thanks for posting this.

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