Happy Holidays

The GreenFoodie team would love to wish you all the best for the New Year and we hope you are having a happy and fun time during this holiday season. We are looking forward to a busy year at GreenFoodie providing useful and interesting information about all things GreenFoodie and keeping you updated on our own personal journey. In 2012 we’ll be blogging about our gardening adventures as we have been doing in 2011 but we are also embarking on a new adventure towards better health for ourselves and the environment.

We have been inspired by the Eating Rules blog October Unprocessed Challenge (see this post), the health and vitality that Genevieve’s sister and blog contributor, Zoe, exhibits on her vegetarian diet and the information we have been learning about the paleolithic diet (post to come in the future, see this post for a TEDx talk). David and I are omnivores through and through so vegetarianism isn’t an option but we will be trying to follow the paleolithic diet.

This will involve reducing our consumption of processed foods to zero, cutting carbs, starch and sugars (including fructose) from our diet and especially gluten as Genevieve is intolerant, improve our protein sources by eating moderate amounts of exclusively grass fed, free range or wild caught animal and a large increase in the amount of good quality fats in our diet (including lard, ghee, butter, animal fat, coconut oil, avocados and nuts).

We’ll keep you updated on our experiences and any changes to our physical and mental states that we notice. It won’t be easy considering how addicted we are to sugars, starch and other carbs in our diet but we are (or at least Genevieve is) looking forward to the increased fat!

In the meantime, enjoy our favourite online video for 2011, a TED talk by Chef Dan Barber and how he fell in love with a fish. Most importantly, we wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

Warm Regards,

Genevieve and David

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