American Farmers March on Wall Street

The Huffington Post reports on American farmers marching on Wall Street this week, joining the Occupy activists in civil action against government and business collusion. This report outlines the reasons for farmers’ anger at government policies and business activities that have threatened American food security and disenfranchised American farmers. It includes video clips of farmers speaking out against government and business avarice at the expense of the American farmer.

We at Greenfoodie share the concerns that American farmers have about food security and food sovereignty and we support American farmers in their efforts to regain their rights.

Farmers March with Occupy Wall Street, Sowing the Seeds of Hope and Democracy

For most Americans, the Occupy Wall Street movement has been largely an urban phenomenon, but last Sunday, December 4th, farmers and rural activists flocked to New York City to join the Occupy Wall Street Farmers’ March in a show of solidarity with their urban allies. Read more here.




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