Organics Can Feed the World Where Agro-Industry has Failed

Agro-industrial farming has failed to provide food security for many in the developing or even the developed world. It has led to land degradation, increased debt burdens and environmental catastrophe from its reliance on petro-chemicals and unsustainable practices. I find it ironic that this model is being touted as the epitome of food production when it is so patently the opposite. Agro-industrial propents go so far as to say that organics will fail and is failing to feed the world when in fact the reverse is true. Organics and other sustainable farming practices provide more yields, with less input, while improving the environment.

This has been proven by multiple scientific research studies and is recognised by leading international organisations such as the UN,  institutes such as the American National Research Council and leading universities . The article Organic Can Feed the World from the Atlantic Magazine, provides an excellent overview of the benefits and success of organic farming systems in feeding the populations that they are designed to sustain.

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